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iPhone on sale in US on June 29th

Engadget posted the news from a TV tipster that Apple’s new iPhone ads would feature a launch date — Friday June 29. Watch the ads on Apple’s site. ( Via TUAW )

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Apple updates MacBook

Apple updated their line of MacBooks with faster processor, 1GB RAM and larger hard drive. The 2.0GHz 13-inch white MacBook costs $1,099 and comes with an 80GB hard drive and a slot-loading Combo drive; the $1,299 2.16GHz white MacBook comes with a 120GB hard drive and a slot-load 8x SuperDrive with double-layer support; and the $1,499 2.16GHz 13-inch black MacBook ...

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Apple Stores watch: “Apple” and “iTechia”

This is a new feature of the site, where I will discover new places to buy Macs, iPods and (maybe after a long time) iPhones! First is this under-construction store simply named “Apple Riyadh” pictured on the right. Its located on tahliah street. You can find it on Google maps. Another store is iTechia. Also on tahliah street. I bought ...

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Apple releases Final Cut Studio 2 and Final Cut Server

Apple announced at NAB 2007 the new edition of Final Cut Studio 2. With a new addition, Color. And the server based Final Cut Server.

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