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Office 2008 For mac

Microsoft has announced the prices for the office 2008 For mac. There will be three different flavors of Office 2008 for the Mac, and they are as follows: Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac: This is the core version of the productivity suite which includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Entourage. This version includes some Automator workflows, as well as Exchange ...

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New Release of Transmit

Transmit’s taken another nice version leap — this time to 3.6! (Well, technically, 3.6.1.) – So what’s new in transmit 3.6 There are two new features worth talking about in a little more detail! Amazon S3: For a while now, a dedicated group of Transmit users have been asking for a major new feature: support for Amazon S3 (Simple Storage ...

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Delivery Status widget adds Aramex support!

Delivery Status, my favorite shipment tracking widget, added Aramex support in the latest beta edition of the widget, which can be downloaded here. Please remember that this is a beta and the author would appreciate any feedback if necessary. He can be contacted in this page.

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Nokia software for the Mac

As a Nokia N95 owner, I was initially disappointed with the lack of software support. iSync doesn’t work with N95 without a plug-in provided by Nokia. No “PC Suite” for the Mac yet. Here is a list of available Nokia Mac software: Nokia Media Transfer to transfer photos/videos, music and software Nokia iSync Plug-ins Nokia’s Mac support page Still waiting ...

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Safari for windows update and 1 million copies downloaded

Apple released a 3.0.1 update for Safari on Windows, you can update from the client or a full download from Apple’s site. Apple also announced they had over 1 million Safari on Windows downloads for the first 48 hours.

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Vienna: a free RSS/Atom Newsreader for Mac OS X

While browsing Cool OSX Apps, I found this free RSS newsreader. I enjoyed using this as a free alternative that is actually good. Make sure to give it a try from here.

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