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iPhones Banned in Saudi Arabia’s Security Establishments

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17+ Restricted Apps Started to Appear in Saudi and UAE App Stores

Good news everyone, you no longer need to use questionable methods (such as installous) to download 17+ apps in Saudi Arabia because some of the 17+ apps has started to appear in the Saudi App Store. At least Opera mini is available right now. Other apps such as Atomic Web, iCab Mobile and Opera for Mac are still missing. A ...

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Apple Selling Promise Thunderbolt RAID Starting From $999

It’s just not the Thunderbolt cable being released by Apple today. The Apple Store has started selling Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID Systems. Until now there were no such devices with Thunderbolt support. It is a heavy storage device which stores data up to 16TB. There are two models of Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID system (Prices are in US Dollars): 1. R4 ...

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“etisalat” Official Talks about the Upcoming iPhone

Gulf News reports that Ali Al Ahmad, Chief Corporate Communication Officer at etisalat, said: Yes, we are in talks with most smartphone manufacturers including Apple on the rollout of the 4G handset, iPhone 5 later this year. As the first telecom organisation to roll out the 4G network, LTE, in the Middle East, we have already started talking to them ...

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“Automatic Download” for Apps Leaked in iTunes

A MacRumors’ reader discovered the following message while updating apps in iTunes: Or if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync. And until now this such feature is not available in iOS 4, so it will probably be available in iOS 5. So apps will be updated automatically ...

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“White Ninja” Crashes Into an Apple Store with a Car

A man smashed his car into  Greensboro, North Carolina’s Apple store in the morning last week. The driver didn’t steal anything and ran away. Well, this story doesn’t end here as FOX8 reports: Police described the suspect as a white male wearing a white shirt and hooded mask. According to 107.5 KZL, a security guard said the suspect was wearing ...

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