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Apple UAE Now Selling iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina display


Today Apple started selling the iPad mini 2 (with retina display) on their online stores.

Apple also started selling the iPad Air as well as the iPad mini in the United Arab Emirates Online Store (Thanks Sharbeen). These models obviously will not offer FaceTime. Estimated delivery for the iPad Air: 5-7 days, the iPad mini Retina Display: 5-10 days.


iPad Air Wi-Fi: 16GB AED 1,899 – 32GB AED 2,299 – 64GB AED 2,699 – 128GB AED 3,099.
iPad Air Wi-Fi + Celluar: 16GB AED 2,399 – 32GB AED 2,799 – 64GB AED 3,199 – 128GB AED 3,599.

iPad mini Retina Display Wi-Fi: 16GB AED 1,499 – 32GB AED 1,899 – 64GB AED 2,299 – 128GB AED 2,699.
iPad mini Retina Display Wi-Fi + Celluar: 16GB AED 1,999 – 32GB AED 2,399 – 64GB AED 2,799 – 128GB AED 3,199.

We have no information regarding availability in Saudi Arabia though.

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