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New iPad (3) Price in Saudi Arabia

This is a list of the new iPad (3) price in Saudi Arabia. These are not the official prices.

iSTORE is offering at these prices:

New iPad Wi-Fi 16GB 2399 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi 32GB 2849 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi 64GB 3249 SR

New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G 16GB 2899 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G 32GB 3399 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G 64GB 3799 SR

Extra prices are:

New iPad Wi-Fi 16GB 2399 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi 32GB 2849 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi 64GB 3249 SR

New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G 16GB 2899 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G 32GB 3399 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G 64GB 3799 SR

Nogta prices are:

New iPad Wi-Fi 16GB White 2379 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G 16GB White 2879 SR
New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G 32GB White 3379 SR

Jarir “bookstore” announced availability and some prices.


• 4G LTE runs on 2100MHz and 700MHz frequency so they will not work with local carriers (STC, Mobily and Zain)

• Devices with model number not ending with AE will have FaceTime enabled

• All 4G models supports UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA with speeds up to 42Mbps depending on what technology is available in your area. Please reply if you found 42Mbps in Saudi Arabia

• We expect that Arab Computers will officially offer the new iPad soon at prices similar to the iPad 2

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  1. I got 64GB Wifi Ipad for SAR 3199 from Jarir Corniche. 4G models were all sold out at 04:30pm today and according to salesrep only some were available at Hofuf branch.

  2. apple i pad3 is really released in saudi arabia is it available in jeddah now

  3. wow!! It just got here?? It was released here in the US 1 week ago, and it is 400 SAR cheaper!!!

    by the way, does 4G work in Saudi Ataba???

    • No it doesn’t. The frequencies that are used For 4G LTE in the US are different then the ones that are used in Saudi Arabia and most of the world. But it supports 3.75G which theoretically can deliver up to 42 Mbps of download speed. 

  4. 4 g work in saudi Arabia 

  5. is this website saletab.com secure & credible ? 

  6. I got mine from itechia they are cheaper in 100 from all prices above I got 16 wifi 2349 with programs and screen protector 

  7. You can order directly from Apple.com US and ship it to Aramex and get the cheapest of all of the above mentioned prices.

  8. was checking new ipad 64G 4g availaiblity since thursday. Extra and imac in Rashed advised me by saturday they may have the inventory…@ SAR 3599. i will surely buy by Saturday…but i am not sure if imac or extra may have the invtentory ready… do u know where i can find some units?

  9. I was able to get iPad 3 16gb wifi for 1,999sr from HyperPanda. 

    • Which HyperPanda? Not all of them have it like this, I think. Which city? How much the 32GB? Thanks.

    • Pretty much every HyperPanda in jeddah is carrying the 16gb version for 2,000. I have no idea about the price of 32gb model. It might be 2,400.

  10. I got the iPad 3 64GB 4G with Facetime for just 3499 SR from E-store.

  11. from where can i get the iphone 7 plz?

  12. teh iphone 7 hasnt relased yet u dumbass lolol

  13. where is this estore in riyadh ? and please give teh details?? asap? m about to buy ipad 3 64gb! help appriciated

  14. what is the price of ipad 3.32GB now ??

  15. waht are the prices of required accessories for I Pad 3, 4G, 64 GB. Are all of them available in Saudi Arabia Jarir stores?

  16. Iphone 7 will be released after Iphone 6 is released,hahaha!


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