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How To: Hijri Calendar for 1433 A.H. in iPhone, iPad and Mac

Even though Mac OS X supports Hijri calendar the option is missing from iOS devices. To work around it people either use a dedicated Hijri calendar app or add daily events to the regular calendar.

Badr has created some iCal files to add Hijri Calendar for the upcoming 1433 A.H. year starting November 26th. To install simply follow this link then click view. After that click “Open in Calendar”.

Now you will see a list of the Hijri days (in English of course). Click Add All.

Select which Calendar to add these events to or create a new calendar.

Now the Hijri Year 1433 A.H. was added to your device and if you enabled syncing (MobileMe, iCloud, Google) then the calendar is synced across your devices.

You can also add an Arabic version of the calendar by downloading this file.

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  1. thanx man your the best 

  2. JzAK for your work. Will this be refreshed every 365 days?

  3. Thanks man, it really helped
    it will be great if you can add Islamic vacations on it as well.

  4. Great work … I used this last year and helped a lot!!!! May God bless you !!!


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