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NotifyMe Brings iOS Reminder Service to the Mac [Review]

In a previous post I reviewed NotifyMe for iOS and we have seen and experienced the great functionality combined with easiness and clean design. On the 13th of July 2011 the developing team at PoweryBase has released the Desktop version of NotifyMe for Mac OS X covering your reminder needs from iPhone, iPad to the computer. The app allows for quick, simple and advanced detailed reminder entry. It also comes with a reliable syncing system, where reminders entered in one device are pushed to your other devices that have NotifyMe installed.

“Quick Entry” is a fast way to enter your reminder details with zero distraction. But this is not just the whole story; the windows expand as you enter more details.

To add more details when you are using Quick Entry, you simply use the keyboard up/down arrows then the entry box expands revealing more options and functionalities minimizing the need for your mouse, and I really find it very convenient and handy.

As you can see expanding the Quick Entry will reveal more advanced feature such as:

• Date & Time
• Repeating Pattern
• Pre-Alert
• Category
• Auto-Snooze
• Sharing
• On Due
• Melody
• Note.

Detailed enough to cover your need of customizations with ease of navigation between the fields thanks to their keyboard optimization.

NotifyMe uses Growl to display notifications, and awesomely display a badge to their icon with number of overdue reminders.

You can tell that windows users are left uncovered, but they can benefit from the beta Web app to mange reminders at: https://webapp.notifymecloud.com.

Personally this app is one of my must-to-have apps that I rely on managing my reminders between my devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac).

Here are some highlighted features:

• Fully cloud-based
• No subscriptions
• Multi-user support
• Based on Growl notifications
• Sound alerts
• “Text to time” parser
• Pre-defined due date and time templates
• Custom pre-alerts
• Auto-snoozing
• Advanced repeating patterns
• Sharing with other NotifyMe users
• iCal support for real-time sync with your GTD tools
• AppleScript support
• Web application

If you are serious about reminders, then this is the right app!

Category: Productivity.

App Name: NotifyMe Desktop

Released: 13 July 2011
Size: 4.6 MB
Devices: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

Developer: PoweryBase.

Price: $15.99.

Link: www.notifymecloud.com.

Finally, I would like to thank PoweryBase for providing me with a Promo Code.

Best wishes,
Dr. Mahmoud H. Al-Johani

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