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iPad 2 in Saudi Arabia Next Week Without FaceTime

Arab Computers, Arab Business Machine‘s distributor, has announced that Apple’s iPad 2 will be available in Saudi Arabia “at the end of next week”, the first week of May.

It is very strange that Saudi Arabia was not included in Apple’s press release announcing that announced the iPad 2 in UAE and several other countries. Apple continues to ignore Saudi Arabia and treats the UAE as if it’s the only country in the Middle East.

According to my sources in Saudi’s communications authority, CITC, they never contacted Apple and asked them to remove FaceTime or censor the Apple App Store. I believe that the UAE’s communications authority, TRA, is the one that asked Apple to remove them and for some reason they applied it on Saudi Arabia’s devices and app store. We tried to contact the TRA and we got no response.

I also worry that due to the lack of FaceTime, gray market vendors will hike their imported iPad 2 prices.

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  1. good news
    we’ve been waiting
    thank you

  2. I don’t think that any -smart- one from the gray market will hike up the price. what we have in Saudi is that ARAB computer and it’s reseller who hike up the price with bad costumer service when it comes to selling their item. Take it or Leave it. 

  3. Well, I don’t really know why this is fuss about the new iPad2. It didn’t bring anything new except the cameras, to be realistic. Some would say the internals, or the style, but I dont see anything new. 

  4. A month or so ago
    I contacted Jarir [Jeddah] to request a pre-order for the product of my choice [which would be the iPad 2]
    the first guy that answered didn’t know what a “pre-order” was, he thought it was a product. /facepalm
    So i decided to walk in the store with hopes of talking to a more intellectual staff member who actually knows what a “pre-order” is [it’s an action, not a product -.-]
    After talking to said person, he told me that they don’t have a pre-order system & everything is based on a first come-first serve basis ; and that the most he can do at the moment is write down my number & inform when it’s available.
    2weeks ago, i finally receive the long awaited phone call while being in madrid, spain.
    he informed that they got the iPad 2 in stock [Wi-Fi Version Only] for the launch price of 3000sr.
    After returning from trip to spain i decided to check it out for myself, turns out they DO REALLY HAVE the iPad 2.
    Is Jarir dabbling in the gray market ? I THINK SO.

  5. Dear all,

    I agree, the prices of iPad2 would be different or even higher in the gray market and yes thats due to the facetime issue plus the fact that big boss cant get the quantity which fits the demand here anyway! In which case our usual demand and supply would prevail.

    Most importantly, the best part is that even in the secondary market; for sure, there would be ceiling on prices on iPad2.

    Can anyone get a white iphone4??? I am willing to pay a premium on that, arent you?

    • It’s no different than my BLACK iPhone 4. Why would i ?
      + it’s thicker & won’t fit ANY of my previous iPhone 4 cases -.-

  6. Morning Everyone, 
    I’m so excited to tell you that we carry all of APPLE products in our coming very soon website. However, we are accepting orders right now and Alhumdulleala we have sold more than 500 items from ipad2, ipad1, iphone 4 and all of the apple store.  KEEP in mind that our price with NO Kidding is one of the best price iphone 4 now is for 3888 SAR and of course face time in there. so check us out from time to time.

    • 3888 for 32gb iPhone 4 ?

    • Sorry my bad it’s 2888 SAR for iphone 4 16GB black
      3350 SAR 32GB Black 
      We also have white Color but most of it been reserved for now. 

    • When are you officially launching your website http://saletab.com. I need iPad2 (Wifi only) 64GB since I can hotspot my iPhone4 to it. Facetime is essential for me.

    • We are going online VERY VERY SOON just tweaking couple things before going live. However, we accept Offline order you can get our company phone number below and call me. 
      966-3-5622644 Ask for Ms. May 

  7. 0505483443

    Call me, if you are really looking for iphone
    16gb black – SAR 2,630/-
    32gb black – SAR 3,050/-

    And this BS about white iphone4
    Firstly, no one has and cant get here, in quantities
    Secondly, yes it would be priced with a premium.

    If you realy want one, order and wait for it. BS about its too thick and my cover wont fit???

    Anyone who really wants one will get one, no matter the price or thickness, but functionality is the same.

    Plus, there r no such better prices as 3888??? What r we in china??


    • Thanks Mohammed for your comments.
      there is white iphone been released  , and Yes we have a large Quantity, we sell in Asia and Africa as well our saudi Office 966-3-6522644 (Saudi Mac for this price) for my 3888 check the next post with BIG eyes dear. 


    • Sorry our correct phone number is 966-3-5622644 Ask for Ms. May 

  8. ^ & that’s the grey market i’m talking about -.-“

  9. if i would be able to have the real white iphone4…many saudis here in eastern will look unto me and say…where the hell this asian get his phone…omg so excited

  10. prices are there but im not sure what to do ??? do we go to their branch and pay or what exactly ???

  11. Can anyone confirm that which mobile network is working with ipad2 3G+WiFi? i was told that it is not yet sure that which network works with ipad2. (STC,mobily or Zain)

  12. jo

    Call me at 0545922742 if you want ipad 2 wifi 32GB with facetime (slightly used for 3 weeks) i’ll give the lower price from any retailer store.tnx

    location Damam & Khobar

  13. FaceTime is really good , why they removed it ? is there any difference between who lives in Saudi Arabia and who lives in uae?

  14. I have an iPad2 Black, bought from Apple store, USA, with FACTIME WORKING! and i live in Dammam
    any one interested in buying, its for SR2750

    contact me on:


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