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It’s Almost Over: Mobinil Egypt, Orange Jordan, Vodafone Qatar Enable FaceTime on iPhone 4

Egypt’s Mobinil, Jordan’s Orange and Vodafone Qatar all followed Vodafone Egypt’s lead and enabled FaceTime on their iPhone 4 units via Carrier Update.

Here is a screen shot of the Carrier Settings files for these carriers taken by Mohammed Lubbad:

As you can see, all these files have the AllowsVoIP key and it’s on, enabling FaceTime on iPhone 4 units sold by these carriers and have the model numbers MC605AE, MC603AE, MC605AB and MC603AB.

We are still waiting for Mobily, STC, Etisalat and Du to enable FaceTime. We’re also wondering what will happen to iPod touch 4 models sold in the region, how will FaceTime be enabled on these devices?

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  1. HI there,

    I have model MC605AE phone from Qatar but I now live in Canada… My Facetime is disabled. How can I get the Vodafone carrier update to enable Facetime? Can I download it?


  2. iPad 2 & iPod Touches with “DISABLED FACETIME”…becomes all iUseless. Mobily, STC..have some logic 101.

  3. Also Ä° have a model of MC605AE from Dubai and Ä° live in Turkey.My FT is disable but Ä° use with JB.
    is there any solution for us? Ä°’m using vodafone Turkey.

  4. vodafone qatar… from 4.1 upgraded to 4.3 firmware… MC605EA… FACETIME NOW WORKS! ^_^ THANKS APPLY THANKS VODAFONE ^_^

  5. one of the Service providers in KSA are selling iphones with model MC605B that have facetime enabled.  I was amazed when a friend showed me his brand new iPhone 4 with facetime.

  6. “Face time why is the big issue” ? facetime can only use iphone or apple family product . ,like fring,yahoo & skype are more freindly and more option then facetime , i am iphone user from iphone 1st adition to iphone 4 i used all 4 models. i donot feel facetime is big issue ,i am enjoying other program from apple now 4.3 is very good and fast .
    howmany people in your cercle use i phone or other Apple product like ipad 2 for facetime – 20% of them ?

  7. للأسف لم يتم تفعيلها في السعودية حتى الان


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