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iPad 2 Glass is Thinner and Stronger than iPad 1 Glass [video]

The iPad 2 components are thinner than the first generation according to the iFixit teardown. The iPad 2 glass weighs 118.6 grams compared to the iPad 1’s 143.9 grams. It is also %27 thinner. iFixyouri has tested the strength of the iPad 1 and iPad 2 glass. The glass was bent 1 inch and then 2 inches. Here is a ...

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Celeste Transfers Files via Bluetooth on the iPhone [Jailbreak]

Celeste is a new Jailbreak app that enables iPhone (and other iOS devices) to send files wirelessly using Bluetooth. Here’s a video demonstrating Celeste: Celeste is available on the Cydia Store for $9.99 and for a limited time it’s being sold for $7.99. You can find the author of this post on twitter: @khaled. Arabic version of this post on ...

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