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Screenshots of Mobily App for iPad

The Mobily App has gone missing from the iTunes App Store for the last few days. Mobily App offers customers the ability to manage their accounts from the iPhone.

According to AppShopper the Mobily App was updated from 1.0.3 to 2.0.1. So Mobily managed to update the app then immediately pulled it from the App Store.

Mobily App 2.0.1 is a Universal App and so it runs natively on the Apple iPad. Here are some screenshots of the Mobily App on iPad:

The Mobily App fate is unknown and we hope it doesn’t end up like the STC app.

From the App’s page:

This is the first application of its kind in Saudi Arabia, as no other telecom operator or service provider has presented its users with a comprehensive account management iPhone application.
This application offers users access to their Mobily GSM consumer accounts, where they can manage their different services, view their bills and redeem Neqaty loyalty points.
Also, users of this application will be able to report any kind of network problem they face, and locate the nearest Mobily shop to wherever they are. 
Non-Mobily customers can still use this application to read about Mobily’s different products and services, as well as utilizing a free feed form Mobily 3lhawa to check the latest in news and sports.
This state of the art application is the best utility for Mobily customers who use iPhone handsets, as it offers Mobily’s unique and innovative services through iPhone’s revolutionary user experience.

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