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Saudi Telecom Company (STC) to Release iPhone February 11

Saudi Telecommunication Company’s CEO, Saud Dowaish announced that the iPhone 4 will be available from STC on February 11th. The iPhone 4 from STC was delayed for several months.

FaceTime will not be enabled on STC issued iPhone 4 units.

These are the prices for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS 8GB from STC [thanks Tala]:

The bundles available are:

Basic – Essential

• Monthly subscription: 89 SR
• Local minutes: 75
• SMS messages: 75
• Data usage: 250 MB
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 32GB: 2,299 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 16GB: 1,899 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 3GS 8GB: 1,499 SR

Extra – Classical

• Monthly subscription: 249 SR
• Local minutes: 350
• SMS messages: 300
• Data usage: 500 MB
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 32GB: 599 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 16GB: 199 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 3GS 8GB: free.

Premium – Excellence

• Monthly subscription: 369 SR
• Local minutes: 500
• SMS messages: 300
• Data usage: 2 GB and 5 MB roaming
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 32GB: 149 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 16GB: free.
• Initial payment for iPhone 3GS 8GB: free.

Commitment for 12 months.


• Data usage: 250 MB
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 32GB: 2,899 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 16GB: 2,489 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 3GS 8GB: 2,059 SR

We are now waiting for the actual release of the iPhone 4 and Apple updating their Saudi Arabia website.

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  1. any connection between Mobily first release of iPhone 3G in Feb 2009, and STC release of iPhone 4 on February 2011, ..

  2. Is it going to be unlocked?

  3. Hi all,
    I want to know that if the iPhone 4 released by mobily has facetime feature enabled or not ?and is iPhone 4 still available on mobily stores in jeddah?

  4. is iphone 4 still available on mobily stores riyadh?

  5. I think yes there is a connection between the two dates. I heard from someone inside STC that mobily had an exclusivity agreement for the iPhone till Jan 2011; meaning 2 years.

  6. But.. if there be enough stock for us? or will go all to black market like Mobily?

  7. Hello,
    I just want to know will the iphone 4 be locked if we get it from STC ?

  8. Salam to all friends.
    Dear Driends the iphone from Stc and mobily is factory unlocked phones.

  9. Khaled can you please tell me if the Iphone4 will be factory unlocked (same as mobily’s iphone) because i have been waiting for 3 weeks mobily stores to release a new stock of iphone and there service is terrible and dont even give you a date and talk to you in a bad way ! please am waiting for your reply & will it be available in the main branch in Khobar (Dahran Street) ! thank you ! 

  10. still stc didnt update their website regarding i phone 4

  11. Dear DaKing it is Confirm from Apple that the iphone of STC is Unlocked.

  12. I have tried a lot but didn’t got iPhone 4 from mobily:(
    Hope will get it from STC now…but I want to know where can I purchase it online in Jeddah?
    If anbody could help me please.


    • Dear Ahmad I hope u get Iphone from STC.
      U can go 11 Feb in Falstien Branch of STC.And Inshallah Got Iphone.

  13. I want to know that iPhone from STC will be launched in which branches of Jeddah? Also please let me know will it be available in ladies branch of Jeddah?

  14. Thanks vicky, and do you know if it will be available in Khobar city dahran street (main STC branch here i think) and 11 febuary is on friday that means it will be available at 4p.m ? right ? do you think they will have a huge quantity or like mobily only extremely limited ones i’ve been waiting for the iphone for more than a month lol
    thank you 🙂

  15. Still its not been updated on STC on Apple website. Any ideas ?.

  16. جديد الايفون فور في شركة الاتصالات

    8 16 32 iphone 4g
    2059 2489 2899 مسبقة الدفع
    1499 1899 2299 مفوتر عميل عادي
    عميل الجوال العادي يجب ان يشترك في الباقه البيسك قيمتها
    89 ريال
    ويحصل على 75 دقيقه مجانية داخل الشبكه + 75 رساله مجانية داخل الشبكه +250 ميقا بايت انتر نت

    عملاء التميز —-الذهبي وا لماسي

    8 16 32 iphone 4g
    — 199 599 إكســترا
    — — 159 بـريميوم

    عملاء التميز باقة اكسترا قيمة الباقة 249
    350 دقيقه محلية مجانية
    300 رساله داخل الشبكه
    500 ميقا بايت انتر نت

    عملاء التميز باقة بريميوم قيمة الباقة 389
    300 رساله داخل الشبكه
    500 دقيقة مجانية داخل الشبكه
    2 قيقا بايت و5 قيقا اثناء التجوال
    ملاحظة : لابد على العميل في الباقات المفوتر ان يستمر 12 شهر ولا يلغي الباقه او ينتقل الى مشغل اخر
    واذا انتقل او الغى الباقه قبل المدة يدفع الفرق بين الدفعه الاولى وقيمة الجهاز مخصوم منها قيمة الاشتراك في الاشهر التي استمر بها
    1. لايمكن بيع الجهاز من دون تفعيل الباقة وتوفير المستند مستوفي الشروط
    2. يجب أن يكون العقد بإستخدام إستمارة التأسيس الخاصة بالآيفون
    3. للجوال المفوتر يجب أن تضاف الباقة على أي من باقات الجوال ( إيزي – إيزي بلس – زيرو – زيرو بلس )

  17. hi guys, i will be coming for visit to saudi arabia in late faburay. any idea that i cn buy this phone from STC? if not than from outside but in what price?

  18. i call 902 STC and he said me the iphone is lunch on Sunday 13 February.
    any body confirm

  19. oh no! no more delay…

  20. any updates whether its releasing or not?

  21. Is the iphone 4 sold by mobily facetime enabled???

    • thanks for the reply vicky, I hope this time I could buy it from STC, its so hard to buiy in mobily, they are like airport staff, the way they treat ppl. Could facetime be available on upcoming software updates?

  22. I think With Jailbreak it is work but not 100%sure 50 % sure

  23. any info, if you can buy iphone 4 at STC today? and what brach? im waiting for comments before i go to stc today!

  24. WARNING to all! To avoid a repeat of all the redundant questions there are the facts:

    FIRST: All iphones sold in saudi arabia by mobily and STC are factory unlocked. But before you decide to buy today or tommorow or on any other day, Ask yourself this, are you willing to buy an iphone4 without FACETIME? Yes jailbreaking sounds an answer, but its not stable. All IPHONES with model numbers ending with AE and AB, which means all gulf countries have ni FACETIME feature! You cannot enable it even if you go out of saudi arabia or any other gulf country. So if anyone decides to buy today ask the seller first if FACETIME is available, most probably not and if they are willing to enable it in the future.

  25. so iphone4 id available now in STC?? what branch??

  26. Please anybody confirm that iphone 4 is launched today at STC or not?

  27. i went to STC Tahliah tonight and no available 16GB iphone 4. Only 32 gb is available. Also, Mobily doesn’t have any stocks yet…..the only bundle available in STC is BASIC ESSENTIAL which means you need to pay 2299 for the 32gb….FYI!!!…why do STC and Mobily still need to put bundle offers on their flyers if in reality they don’t even follow it….marketing strategy? 

  28. Hello!
    I want to ask … where can I find an Iphone 4 in Khobar? Because I went to a lot of places but can’t seem to find it … So I want to know which branches I can check (STC or Mobily, I don’t really mind) Addresses would be helpful xD
    Thanks in Advance 🙂

  29. hi anyone here has kind of soul who can tell me if which is more cheaper iphone 4 price from Jarir Bookstore or from stc/mobily?? i read from jarir magazine their iPhone4 has facetime can anyone here please confirm for me? and may i know also if all iphone4 sold on jarir is unlockable or not?TIA!


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