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iOS 4.3: No FaceTime for Middle East

FaceTime is still disabled in iOS 4.3 beta on iPhone 4 units sold by Mobily, Etisalat, Du, Vodafone Qatar, Vodafone Eqypt and Mobinil.

Three months ago we talked about a RegionFeatures file found iOS devices including the iPad. The file includes restrictions on the device based on the country. For Japan it’s a loud shutter sound (SHUTTER), China iPhones apparently have no wifi (NOWIFI) and in the Middle East it’s no FaceTime/VOIP (NOVOIP). Middle East devices’ model numbers end with AB or AE.

RegionFeatures file can be found on all iOS devices. iPod touch units sold in the Middle East have a model number that ends with AB so FaceTime is disabled too. And whenever Apple decides to sell the rumored iPad 2 in the region then it won’t include FaceTime as well.

Mohammed Lubbad shared a copy of the latest RegionFeatures file found in iOS 4.3 devices and as expected, FaceTime is still disabled. You can view the files as well.

For the latest news regarding the FaceTime ban in the Middle East: The story so far.

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  1. ُThe solution is simple; to buy everything from now on through Aramex Shop & Ship and the hell with everything being sold in the Middle East whether it was a Mac, iPad or iPhone. And people want Apple to open in our countries… yeah, right!

  2. I really dont understand the reason for blocking facetime when even a 500sr nokia supports video calling. Anyways, Jarir and other stores will be selling HK models so it won’t be an issue, except for the unnecessary high charges. 

  3. So can you still purchase Iphone/Macbook in Apple store UK or US and have it shipped to your US/UK Shop and ship address?

  4. I have facetime i bought mine from mobily

  5. I have a ipod touch 4G bought from Jarir  and facetime and skype (VOIP) is working perfect

  6. i have an iphone 4 from UK and today I got a message saying there is a carrier update!!
    I use STC not mobily.
    does that mean they will block facetime from my iphone now

  7. I bought Ipod Touch 4g here in UAE, no Facetime, if i bring it to Hongkong and Update my iOS, is the Facetime will be included in the OS?

  8. I just got mine 4om zain kuwait (model ending with AE) and my FaceTime working fine. My wife had an AT&T model (jailbroken & unlocked) but on her it’s not working (waiting 4 activation).
    Weird, we both got zain line.


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