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Apple Mac OS X and iOS Usage in Saudi Arabia

Following the last post on market share in a Saudi College, my next step is to compare the Saudi Market to the world. I will use data from statcounter.com, that monitors around 3 millions sites around the world and their visitors.

Operating system market share in Saudi Arabia(SA):

the Mac OS X market share in SA as of December 2010 was about 1.58% in contrast to 6.25% globally, While the growth in the Saudi market was around 170% over the past 12 months, globally it was 130%. those numbers show clearly that mac growth in Saudi Arabia is faster than the world levels and in the next few years that should translate to a big bite of windows market and a larger Mac market share.

OS market share

OS market share in Saudi Arabia

Mac OS X growth in Saudi Arabia

Mac OS X growth in Saudi Arabia

For iOS and mobile market, the story is similar, Apple mobile OS is at 6.25% and a growth of around 150%, a percentage that is far behind the international levels 23.6% of all internet mobile users. while the data reported before among the College students was showing that iOS is more than 82% of students using an e-learning site through mobile and around 6% of all users. we can say that most of iOS users in SA are young and educated.

Mobile OS market share in Saudi Arabia

Mobile OS market share in Saudi Arabia

iOS market growth last year

iOS market growth during last year

Given the known limitations of these statistics that may under or over-estimate some numbers, there are many things we can conclude out of these numbers, the most important of all is that Mac usage is increasing and getting more popular, although we lack Arabic support, and official Apple stores here in Saudi Arabia.

Another conclusion is that the Mac community which is mainly younger and educated is fast growing and will continue to do. the last conclusion is actually a wish that we can get more reliable statistical data from Saudi companies like STC, they definitely have better estimates that may give better indications.

If you are an admin if a website that have access to Google analytics data please reply, clearly Saudimac.com data will not be as good, because it visited mostly by Mac lovers.

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