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Apple iPad in Saudi Arabia Officially

The Apple iPad is officially available in Saudi Arabia. Arab Computers has posted on their website announcing the availability of the Apple tablet in the Saudi market. This came one year after Apple announcing the iPad.

The iPad is available at “selected” stores, the Arabic ad said “exclusively” which is odd, these stores are: iStyle, Global Store, Zonik, iMachines, i.zone and Extra. Some of these stores, such as Extra and Zonik, were selling unofficial iPads in the grey market. Will the warranty cover these units?

Apple is expected to release the second generation iPad 2 in April. Will you wait or buy it now?

Apple’s Saudi Arabia website was updated to include information about the iPad.

We are still waiting for Mobily who announced that they will release the iPad.

The price for the iPad in Saudi Arabia is cheaper than the UAE and local importers.

There are the prices:

iPad WiFi

• iPad 16GB 1,999 SR
• iPad 32GB 2,499 SR
• iPad 64GB 2,899 SR

iPad 3G+WiFi

• iPad 3G 16GB 2,699 SR
• iPad 3G 32GB 3,099 SR
• iPad 3G 64GB 3,499 SR

Here is Arab Computers’ announcement:

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  1. For SALE IPAD 3G+WI FI 16 gb – sr 2600, i bought it last December 2010, with Free ipad case worth 60 riyals, 100% in BRAND NEW condition with the original box and accessories PLEASE send message if interested … Thanks THOR from Riyadh

  2. I think it’s very sad that the iPad is just being released officially in the Saudi markets after almost one year of dealers and people selling them for three times their US market value. IS this how it is gonna be? We’ll have to live with the old generation of every Apple’s iPhone/iPad? It’s very strange why they can’t allow Saudis to purchase from the Apple store using their own Saudi-origin credit cards -legally- (I know the work-arounds!). Last time I heard Saudi money was as good as any! Makes you question the whole wait or buy dilemma. Advice: Instead of buying any product from the BLACK market, book yourself a flight to the US/Canada and buy it from there. Trust me, it’s still gonna be cheaper, and you’ll get to see how screwed you are by your so-called “Local Apple Sellers”! *sigh


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