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Apple Improves iPhone 4 Shipping to 1-3 Days

Unlocked iPhone 4 units sold by the Apple Online UK Store are now shipped within 1-3 days, a third reduction from 1 week.

This is a good time to buy an iPhone 4 and ship it to Saudi Arabia using Aramex as these iPhone 4 models have FaceTime enabled (unlike Mobily). The model numbers of these units are: MC605B and MC603B.

Importing an iPhone 4 is also a good alternative to local scalpers who raised the iPhone 4 prices again, touting FaceTime as an advantage.

[Via @AdeemAM.]

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  1. Hi. I have just received my factory unlocked iphone 4 from UK. I have cut my STC sim and inserted it. It recognizes the sim but the phone says no service. Can anybody help me to activate my iphone 4 from UK?
    Thanks in advance…..

  2. I have iphone 4 from mobily
    its jailbroken 
    i use stc simcard now what should i do to activate FACETIME

  3. hi, can someone please tell me whats the best place to get an iphone4 from other than mobily.. i would really appreciate it if u include the price as well

    thank you 🙂

    • I’ve been looking for a 16gb iphone since dec. 20 and so far, none of the mobily stores (in Al-Batha) i’ve been to are selling the iphone 4. The mobily rep just told me that they run out of stock, Where you able to buy one already? I would appreciate if you can tell me where can I buy one. All of the mobile shop/stores in electron (Al-Batha) are taking advantage of this situation by selling the iPhone 4 at very high prices (16gb for around 3300 SAR).



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