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AlJazeera Erroneous iPhone Privacy Reportage Causes Panic [video]

AlJazeera channel aired an inaccurate report about the iPhone unauthorized user patent. The report was completely wrong and it spread fear, uncertainty and doubt between consumers in the Middle East.

Here is the AlJazeera report (it’s in Arabic, we talked about the report on the Arabic edition of SaudiMac in September, but if anyone wants to provide English translation then please do).

Apple did respond to the US Congress regarding location data. As for the privacy policy Apple clearly stated it.

Here is the first victim of that report. This poor schmuck believed AlJazeera’s report and went ahead and destroyed his brand new iPhone 4. He even made a video showing the “evil Apple spying components” and how “Apple shouldn’t spy on Arabs and Muslims”. Here is the video:

It’s more sad than funny.

I would only assume that a lot of the general public believed that reportage by AlJazeera. In fact the report is defaming the Apple brand and hurting the sales. Apple (as well as the local carriers selling the iPhone) should proceed and sue AlJazeera because that report.

[via Electrony.]

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  1. OMG saudi Arabia and their bullshit , lies , lies n more lies LMFAO

    • al jazeera is a qatari channel dude! It doesn’t surprise me that they would show some badly researched crap like this though, and unfortunately a lot of the people who watch the channel will believe anything…AFTER ALL IT WAS ON TV SO IT MUST BE TRUE…


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