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2Do Updated with MobileMe OTA Sync

2Do, a popular task management Universal App, was updated with iOS 4.2 support and background sync. The update also includes the ability to sync your tasks over the air using MobileMe. MobileMe sync cost an additional $2.99 in-app-purchase.

2Do 2.4 features include:

*MobileMe direct OTA (Over The Air) Sync option in Sync > Settings. This requires a one-time in-app purchase to work on all your devices . Works over Edge/3G/WiFi. No desktop app required. Multiple devices can sync with the same MobileMe account as well as multiple Macs or multiple copies of iCal
* Background Sync on devices that support multi-tasking. You can now close the app while it’s performing sync and 2Do will continue synchronizing in the background.
* Sync on Exit option in Settings > Sync. If enabled, 2Do will begin a sync session when you close the app. This way you don’t have to worry about synchronizing excplitly each time.
* Built-in Tips. You can now pull on the main scrollable list (such as the Task list or the properties list in Add/Edit screens) to reveail Tips.
* Capsule layout changed for iPhone (again!). It now uses less vertical space.
* Stability improvements
* CSV export fixes
* Other minor fixes
* Fixes with Push alert registration on iOS 3.x

2Do is a Universal App and is sold for $6.99 at the App Store.

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