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iPhone Proximity Sensor Problems on Live TV [video]

In the following video from Al-Arabiya channel during a football segment the guest had proximity sensor problems with his brand new iPhone 4.

Proximity Sensor is an iPhone feature that turns off the screen when it detects the person’s face during a call to save battery and prevent accidental presses.

Image source: phonedog.

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  1. yeah…i had the same problem toooooo…..

  2. i have a 3GS, when my phone was new whenever a call comes then if i want the phone not to ring then if i keep the phone upside down in a table then it doesnt ring, but now it doesnt happen,may be a deffect in my phone or that feature is not available anymore in the latest ios versions,

    does this happened to anyone else?

  3. cheers for the brilliant content on your website, I am very curious in this story and you have really helped me. I have just told a few of my friends about this on FaceBook and they love your content just as much as I do.


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