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Apple Improves UK iPhone 4 Shipping To 2 Weeks

Unlocked iPhone 4 units sold by the Apple Online UK store are now dispatched within 2 weeks, a reduction from the usual 3 weeks. The improvement is not as good as the US store though (5-7 days).

This is a good time to buy an iPhone 4 and ship it to Saudi Arabia using Aramex as these iPhone 4 models have FaceTime enabled. The model numbers of these units are: MC605B and MC603B.

Importing an iPhone 4 is also a good alternative to local scalpers who raised the iPhone 4 prices again, touting FaceTime as an advantage.

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  1. Abdulrhman Alzahrani

    Thank god mine is shied today from Apple store UK but guys how long its gonna take to arrive to KSA after the unite shipment from Apple UK ?

  2. It does not matter where you buy your iphone 4 from…as soon as you will update it being in Saudi Arabia your face time will no longer work…

    I just updated mine (bought from UK MC603B) to 4.1 via itunes to jailbreak and the facetime option is no longer available even though it is activated in the settings (Carrier STC)…

    Although i have not jailbroken my iphone 4 yet…im trying to do the shift + click option on my fone for 4.1 hopefully it will bring the face time thingy back…Fingers crossed and hoping for the best

  3. I just returned last night from a three day business trip to London. I checked the availability of Iphone4 there and surprisingly it was out of stock at Apple store, Oxford street. Here is the words from Sales Rep at the same store which was like a bomb droped on me! ” You need to pre-order online at Apple website to have one unlocked phone…It will take minimum 2 – 3 weeks to hand you over one”.

  4. My friend called an Apple store here in the UK and was told that iPhones are available for purchase and collect in store in the same day even though Apple’s website says it takes 2 weeks (atm).


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