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Activating FaceTime in iPhone 4s sold in the Middle East using jailbreak

We still don’t know the real reason for blocking FaceTime in the Middle East but we do know that FaceTime works in Tunisia. Vodafone Qatar announced that they will reactivate it and Government policies in Qatar prevented initial FaceTime availability. Vodafone Egypt confirmed that saying that Egypt’s NTRA decided to block FaceTime. So no conspiracy theories there.

For the time being there is a hack to enable FaceTime on iPhone 4 (and iPod touch 4G) running iOS 4.1 and sold from these carriers:

  • Saudi Arabia’s Mobily and the following model numbers MC605AE MC603AE
  • UAE’s Du and Etisalat and the following model numbers MC605AE MC603AE
  • Vodafone Qatar and the following model numbers MC605AE MC603AE
  • Egypt’s Vodafone and Mobinil and the following model numbers MC605AB MC603AB

And this fix should work with other carriers that are having problems activating FaceTime on iPhone 4 for one reason or another.

This solution is presented by iPhoneislam and is called FaceTime Hacktivator. It relies on Jailbreak so we have to remind you that any iOS update will cancel jailbreak and FaceTime. We take no responsibility for jailbreaking your iPhone.

Here are the steps for installing FaceTime Hackticator quoted as I already have FaceTime and do not need to Jailbreak my iPhone 4.

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Click (Manage) then (Sources)
  3. Top right click (Edit) then (ADD) on the left
  4. Enter the source: http://apps.iphoneislam.com
  5. Click (Add Source)
  6. Click (Done)
  7. Find iPhoneIslam and click it
  8. Find FaceTime Hacktivator and click it
  9. Top left click (Install) then click (Confirm)
  10. Click (Reboot)
  11. Go to iPhone Settings > Phone > FaceTime. Turn it On and make sure your number is entered in a full international format (+966…)
  12. Wait 1 to 10 minutes and FaceTime should be activated. If it took more than 15 minutes try resetting network settings.

Please share your results in the comments.

Of course this is a temporary solution that could be disabled later on so carriers need to fix this issue from the start. So far only Vodafone Qatar appeared to be doing something regarding the issue.

Thanks for the heads up @houssini @paracha3 @shady_jd15.

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  1. 11)

    I can’t edit my sim phone number.. it just says unknown and I cannot click on it.

    Any suggestions?

    • Did you try to go to Settings>Phone and My number, then you can edit there your number by adding the country code, example +971… then click on Save.

  2. Stuck on waiting for activation…can anyone confirm if this works…!

  3. Did anyone actually did video chat using FaceTime after applying thus patch?

  4. works!!! got the facetime option in call menu and so on!!!

  5. I officially confirm that iphoneislam FaceTime solution works on Mobily iPhone. Just did a video chat over FaceTime with friend in US.

    • Hi.
      How much time did it take for you to activate it as I am on Zain Network….my number is entered correctly with correct format…..and I even reset my Network Settings and its still Stuck on activation!
      Please any help would be much appreciated.

  6. Wow! Me and my friend had it installed this morning and now we have facetime working!! This is such a great update, whoever made this one! Thank you so much! By the way i bought my phone here in Dubai. 

  7. no no no
    This fix was NOT made by iPhoneislam….
    It was made by “Darkvoid” from Emiratesmac forum.
    He published it on 27th oct, after that came iPhoneislam on 28th and claimed that they have better fix than his.
    Mr. Khalid A… Can u comment on this pls.

  8. Problem solved download *middlewhat* from cydia and off u go 🙂

  9. it’s working!!!! I bought my iphone 4 in mobily… thank u so mch!!!! iphoneislam… just follw the instruction…..

  10. ok im in egypt on vodafone and its been stuck at “waiting for activation” for 2 days now
    and ya it is darkvoid’s patcch

  11. yeah me too .. Mobily Prepaid, it used like 10 SR worth of credit sending the SMS but nothing is happening ..

  12. Guys
    just enable wifi and FT will work
    Or just go with the cydia MiddleWhat app

  13. Not working with STC SIM … Anyone can help ???

  14. you are the man it activates i am using du network in UAE with ios 4.1
    i restore my phone with new user name jailbreak my phone with greenpoison rc4 add cydia source http://apps.iphoneislam.comsearch for “FaceTime Hacktivator” install it reboot my iphone and its done. before that i am not getting on/off facetime button but it makes my life easy…

  15. Okay I got it to work.

    1) Make sure your phone number is correctly formatted in Settings > Phone. It will look like +9665xxxxxxxx.

    2) Make sure that you are WiFi and turn FaceTime on in Settings > Phone. Wait for at least 5-10 minutes.

    3) If it takes credit away but it does not active FaceTime, reset Network Settings under Settings > General > Reset and try again.

    4) If that doesn’t work either reset All Settings under Settings > General > Reset and try again.

  16. Facetime works on my iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 after jailbreak and install in cydia this iphoneislam hacktivator. Mine is bought in mobily khobar and im using stc microsim. Try it. Thanks to the guys who made this wonderful apps.

  17. Hi All.
    This my experience:

    I added the apps.iphoneislam source in Cydia and installed the FaceTime Hacktivator. 
    I was using a Zain Micro Sim and it said it will charge me for activation and I allowed it.
    Since two days it was stuck at “waiting for activation” and my dissapointment can be seen in my above comments!
    I followed a mixture of advices by reading above:

    1) I deleted the FaceTime Hacktivator.
    2) Reboot my iPhone 4.
    3) After opening went into Settings and Reset ALL Settings.
    4) After it rebooted again I took out my ‘Zain’ Micro Sim and put the Micro-Sim Mobily had given me when I bought the phone from them. (I added 10sr credit just to be safe)
    5) I went into Settings, Phone, and Set MY number as +9665xxxxxxxx and clicked Save.
    6) I went into Cydia, searched and Installed the free app “MiddleWhat”
    7) It automatically rebooted and when I opened the Phone, FaceTime was ALREADY ACTIVATED!! Without using any credit!
    8) I went into my contacts and made a FaceTime call and it was brilliant.
    9) Then powered off and put my old Zain Micro Sim back.
    10) Again it gives me the message stuck on waiting for activation and doesn’t change!
    11) Sadly I believe Zain is strongly unsupported somehow.

    Follow all steps in order above and I’m definite you will not be stuck. For Egypt: I feel you should try using the Exact same Micro-Sim that they provided you with your iPhone 4.

    Let me know if it works and what you guys think why it doesn’t work with Zain!

    • ok nvm it worked i followed all ur steps but i didnt change the sim i just took out the sim tray and put it back in u should try the same steps with ur zain number

    • I tried all the steps mentioned on my du iPhone 4 with a microsim, but it still doesn’t work. Do you have another solution for UAE users?
      Waiting for the reply, Thanks

    • Salam Wa Alaikum,

      Will you please send me the link to “How to jailbreak iOS 4.3 iPhone 4” on Windows….

  18. The micro sim is the one i got wid my fone. I just have one question does the fone have to be factory unlocked?

    • If your iPhone is not factory unlocked, then you can’t use any Saudi Network’s Sim in it. SO to activate FaceTime you will need an Unlocked and Jailbroken iPhone.

  19. There is a tweak on cydia called MiddleWhat
    It enables FaceTime
    It is there without adding any repos
    People with i4 try it and give ur comments

  20. i Think i lost most important notification to me : (My Football pro 2) 
    i am going to restore me iphone today  :S
    to get my notifications back
     any idea ??

  21. YAAAY thanks 4 the update!

  22. I live in syria i have iphone 4 and i bought it from CANADA its not working, i use MTN and i get stuck in WAITING FOR ACTIVATION what to do guys?

    • I would suggest trying to activate using either the official Canadian sim from whom you bought it (e.g. Fido) or use a Mobily micro-sim here…

  23. BTW i have the facetime option already but when i turn it on it always stays on waiting for activation I tried all the methods but nothing D: BUT THERE IS ONE THING I AM WONDERING ABOUT, WHEN I FIRST GOT MY PHONE FROM CANADA I HAD THE FACETIME OPTION BUT THEN WHEN I PUT THE SIMCARD IT DISAPPEARED

  24. Oh ok, mine is factory unlocked… anywayz i have the FIDO sim card with me should i just put it in and then take it out? (Sorry if i seem to be spammy a little)

  25. I have posted a series of steps above….follow them as I had the same problem (Waiting for activation…) Just repeat it with Fido….it should work….also after putting in Fido sim if it still does not work…then go into settings then about and check your Carrier version….it should be 7.2 or 8.0…if it isnt then follow these steps:

  26. Ok i will try them so let me just get the steps straight:
    Put fido sim
    download middlewhat
    turn on facetime
    My MTN is 8.0 but im gonna check my fido later cuz i have to go to school now 🙂 i hope it works u’ll be the best man!

  27. Ammar i dnt think its a requirment to be on 8.0 cuz mine is 8.1 and its working fine

  28. He means anything that is 8.0+ probably.

    Anyways, dude can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Here is what I did

    I turned off my iPhone
    Put in FIDO sim that is 8.0
    booted my phone
    went to settings > phone > turned on facetime
    and it kept waiting for activation
    and of course it was No Service since im in syria
    so I went and installed MiddleWhat and respringed and still nothing……
    I took out my FIDO and put MTN and still same thing waiting for activation…. PLZ HELP

  29. 1) Delete facetime hacktivator or middlewhat or ft switch
    2) Reboot iPhone 4.
    3) Go to Settings and Reset ALL Settings.
    4) it will reboot take out the simcard and put it back in after reboot
    5)go to settings-phone and retype ur number in my case its +20 xxxxxxxxx and click Save.
    6)go to cydia search and Install “MiddleWhat”

  30. @Ammar this website sucks man i have to tell my parents to send a fax and shit thats boring stuff im just gonna try what Aymen suggested (same thing u did)

    P.S. my iPhone’s model is MC605C so its not the one that people have that they bought from Saudi arabia or UAE etc.

  31. Haaha i’m out of units for now i need to go refill my account to send a SMS

  32. i hope that way works for you guys cuz i remember waiting 2-3 days at “waiting for activation” than ammar came along 😀
    gdluck evryone and have fun face-timing 

  33. How long should I leave it saying “Waiting for activation”??
    Still not working, I guess it will only work if I go to Canada, and im going there this summer so this sucks i have to wait for a long time D:

    I think that MiddleWhat, iPhone Hacktivator, FTswitch use the MODEL of the iphone, so it’ll only work on those models for those who bought their iPhones from Saudi arabia
    I thought activating my iPhone with the original FIDO sim card should’ve worked but nah still not working

    • Robben,,,man I’m telling you that all the apps you mentioned above are ONLY for people whose FaceTime was blocked by Apple ‘Officially’ and this happened ONLY in the Middle East…you’re issue is standard activation one which yea will be solved when you go to Canada….
      Just a heads-up…whenever I take my Mobily sim out and put it back in…the FaceTime option is Off and upon turning it ON again it takes 2 seconds and activates…what I mean to say is ask Fido people in Canada that when you restart your iPhone in a foreign country will the FaceTime have to be re-activated!?
      Good Luck man…and meanwhile you’re stuck without FaceTime install Tango from Appstore for free 😀

  34. Hi everyone my carrier is zain n I bought my iPhone from mobily n FaceTime worked properly on mobile micro sim bcuz I didn’t update to 4.1
    But zain micro kept giving me “waiting for activation” :s what to do?? asap!!!

    • Omar…welcome to my world! 🙂
      Dude i think Zain does not support FaceTime activation as I too waited for 2 days on it and no luck…i then put in Mobily micro sim and it activated in two minutes!!

  35. As far as I read Zain doesnt wont support facetime…….

  36. a million thanks for this post it works perfect for me……………

  37. i am a zain network user in saudi arabia, i tried all the setting including the latest as you said the middlewhat but unfortunatley it doesnt work out, tell me something else pls

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  39. Dear Friends, I Purchased 3 iphone 4 – 32 gb, for my personal use i am using Mobily network, other my 2 brothers using STC (Jawal) after jailbreak i can use factime (Mobily User) but not my other brothers as message is coming waiting for activation and it will never activate, lol, next funny issue is that i am facing now problem, how just guess? i upgraded my iphone 4.1 to 4.2.1 (latest ios) but again i have done jailbreak successfully with the new ios, this time in repo http://apps.iphoneislam.com
    there is FaceTime Hacktivator app avilable, but no option to install or confirm, so waiting to upgrade new repo compatible with ios 4.2.1. Cheers guys!

    • I’m having the same problem here.. no install or confirm button for ft hacktivator. my iOS is 4.1
      please help 🙁

  40. hi
    thanks for the info it helped but i have a problem i cant press on the my number button in settings phone to change it its stuck on unknown anyone knows why?
    does it have to do with its jail broken ?
    or sth else ?

  41. i have a problem for my iphone i can’t use here in Bahrain showing no service at all. I bought this in the US please anybody can help me how to unlock iphone 4 version 4.1 firmware 2.1.4.. thanks so much

  42. Hi there, just wandered by. I have a Fort Worth 4g site. Amazing the amount of information on the web. Wasn’t what I was looking for, but nice site. Have a good day.

  43. Dear Friends,
    Did anyone fix it on Zain’s network? I am from Jordan and it is not working

  44. Sorry.
    Still not fixed on Zain! 🙁

  45. Assalamu Alaykom!

    Hi friends!

    Anybody has the update for face time in Saudi Arabia. I recently bought an iPhone and want to use the facetime feature but I cannot activate it. I’ve been those steps, install apps but to no avail.

  46. I’m using Mobily by the way.

  47. I just activated the Face time feature in my iPhone tonight (07 Oct. 2011). iOS 4.3.3 K.S.A. Mobily network. I installed the FaceTime Hacktivator and Middle What app before and when I try to activate the FT it wont, just stuck on ‘waiting for activation’ but tonight it only took around 5 seconds.

  48. Heya, many thanks due to this publish. my significant other so i observed that by means of probability, but it really surely finished up staying precisely exactly what my spouse and i needed. i most certainly will go back after so that you can learn even more. Cheers.


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