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Daily Archives: October 26, 2010

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 and Windows Phone 7 Connector

Microsoft has released Messenger for Mac 8, Microsoft’s instant messaging client for the Mac. From Microsoft’s site: Messenger for Mac 8 provides real-time collaboration between Mac users and their Messenger friends, whether those friends are using Messenger on a PC, phone, through Hotmail, or on another Mac. You can use instant messaging, audio, and video calls to communicate with your ...

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Security Flaw in iPhones running iOS 4.1

A security flaw was discovered in iPhones running iOS 4.1 that allows anyone to bypass the iPhone lock screen. To implement it on a locked iPhone perform an emergency call to a fake number such as ### and immediately press the lock button (top button) and with that you have access to the phone app and can perform calls. This ...

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Back to the Future game for the Mac and iPad

Game publisher Telltale Games has announced that they will release a game based on the popular Back to the Future movies. The game will be released for Macs and Windows PCs December 2010 and will be released later for the PlayStation 3 and iPad. Back to the Future: The Game is available for pre-order at $25 and it’s an adventure ...

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Personalize your iPad with Laser Engraving

Apple finally added the option to add laser engraving for the iPad. Just like the iPod you can write 2 lines of text on the back of the iPad adding a personalized touch to it. This is a free service. All you have to do is buy an iPad from Apple’s online store and you get to write what you ...

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BloGazette on AlArabiya at GITEX [video]

http://vimeo.com/16085232 BloGazette on AlArabiya @GITEX from Quadical on Vimeo. Mazen Al-Angary talks to AlArabiya at GITEX about blogging and bloggers in the region. © 2010 All Rights Reserved for Al-Arabiya.

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Sibawayh on AlArabiya at GITEX [video]

http://vimeo.com/15983162 Sibawayh on AlArabiya @GITEX from Quadical on Vimeo. © 2010 All Rights Reserved for Al-Arabiya.

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