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Photos of the White iPhone 4

Here’s a collection of photos of the white iPhone 4 that Apple is having problems manufacturing it, problems that caused Apple to delay its launch several times.

These images where posted on RazorianFly.

Source: White iPhone 4 Spotted On eBay!

There are unconfirmed rumors that Apple will release the white iPhone 4 before Christmas.

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  1. Hi ^_^ I really like this color of the iPhone 4 <3 and was wondering about two things if you could answer me the first one is If I bought an iphone 4 from Germany would this color be available there???!! I really need to know so can tell some family there to get it for me ….. the second thing is if mobily have provide it are they going to provid the white color ???!! that's it hope you answer bye=)

  2. Question about iphone 4

    My iphone 4, bought unlocked from UK, works fine but does not latch on to the STC 3G network. All I get is the measly Edge network. Earlier, on my iphone 3GS, I used to be able to connect to the 3G network fine. But since I have changed the sim to micro for the iphone 4, I have this problem.
    3G is of course turned on in settings. I have done resets, updated to 4.1 etc, but it seems that the problem is with the STC microSim. How do I know? I changed the Sim to a Mobily one that I use for my ipad and the phone went to 3G immediately.Any ideas on how to fix this? Does STC have a separate APN for the microsims? 

  3. It looks like no one is trying to answer my quastions =’ ‘(

    • Hey Sama,

      the white iphone is no where to be found… not in any country what so ever ….. and when the iphone hits mobily, they will only have the black version until the end of this year when it’s officially released ….. now, on the other hand, you can do what I did…. and have a fully white iphone with ya…. but it would require guts to do it….. and little bit of cash….. you can buy the black iphone… then buy an original white iphone case (OEM)…… you can find it all over the net…. one site that i trust is “www.Whiteiphone4now.com” …… follow the instructions and wallaaaa…….. new white iphone 4

      hope that helped

    • Thanks Aziz I really appreciate your answer ^_^
      maybe I’ll do the same !!!

  4. Wow white iphone really looks awesome. Love to have one but no luck. Thanks aziz for the idea about making a black iphone white. Thanks a lot.

  5. Hii buddy.. Tanks for articles

  6. Hi,
    Iphone white version, seems ok, but haven’t found, should I order online?
    Can I get a online link?

  7. The white iphone rocks, its way cooler than the black iphone although the black is still more prestigous.

    razor caster

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