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Mobily blames CITC for blocking FaceTime

According to an internal Mobily announcement, the “official excuse” that mobily is telling customers is that the Communication of Information Technology Commission (CITC) had regulations that prevented the FaceTime service (not app) from functioning.

Here is the actual announcement text:

Dear Respectable Colleagues,
Reference to the below mail, we would like to inform you that Facetime app (???) will not be available in iPhone 4 devices.
In case of receiving inquiries from customers, please follow the below script:
“Due to complying on Communication of Information Technology Commission (CITC) regulations, Mobily apologizes for not having the Face Time app (again with app???) now”.

What regulations prevent a service such as FaceTime? FaceTime uses Wi-Fi to connect and is considered similar to Skype, a service not blocked by CITC’s regulations.

What do you think? Will you return your crippled iPhone 4 based on that? You can easily get a UK issued iPhone 4 and have FaceTime enabled.

It’s strange that in the UAE Etisalat is trying to clarify the problem with Apple, not TRA. Thanks @aoun1at for that Etisalat link.

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  1. but it still works with version 4.0.2 right?

  2. I think it’s a FaceTime feature rather than an application.

  3. looking forword for the developers to jailbreak FACETIME….~~ FREE FACETIME ~~

  4. I am really not good with electronics so this facetime thing confuses me.

    Is facetime an application like Skype? And what if I install Skype or fring on a IPhone 4 will it work?

  5. I bought iPhone 4 from mobily…
    How does facetime works with 4.0.2 n still mobily blames it on CITC
    Anyways I have Zain as a carrier and facetime didn’t work
    But it worked really well with mobily network
    And so the facetime issue is really confusing!

  6. Hi… So a quick question.. FaceTime is only blocked on mobily iPhone’s?
    So if I bought an iPhone from USA or UK or any other country it works perfectly in Saudi Arabia as long as its not from mobily, Right?

  7. Has anyone tried one of the facetime replacement apps like “FaceNow”. Would using one of these apps be useful as a workaround after losing facetime capabilities due to the 4.1 update?

  8. Can CITC be contacted to confirm this? Another misleading info by Mobily.

  9. I’m just thinking about this loudly..

    – I wonder if the iOS 4.1 (that disabled the FaceTime) is customized for ME area, or is it a generic one all around the world?
    – Do you think that if I take my current mobily 4.1 iphone 4 to UK for example, the feature will still not work?
    – It’s been proven that iphones from UK works fine with FT feature even after update to 4.1
    – So, it’s not form the Network, hence CITC has nothing to do with it! Unless CITC contacted Apple secretly and asked them in their (universal) update they should disable FaceTime! 
    – Will apple take the risk of updating a (universal) version to disable FaceTime, and take the risk that it might effect other carriers too?

    – If we try to download IPSW 4.1 from UK and restore it on the iphone, would it fix the problem? hmmm worth a shot..

    Let’s keep trying folks.. I don’t think it’s a hard problem to solve!


    • most likely disabled by the model number. 

    • Do you think Apple would add all model numbers for all iphones to be shipped to mobily, du, and other countries in the region? I think it might be a high risk other carriers would be effected too.  I’m downloading a 4.1 firmware and will try to restore it and check…

    • Dear bill ,
      You are our hero now , and we can’t wait for your testing results .
      Wish you good luck

  10. Don’t upgrade and the feature works somebody in Mobily is mixed up , CITC has got nothing to do with it , but serves as a good scapegoat , plus there are some elements in our society highly critical of this Technology in other words another smokescreen …

  11. This problem only occurred cause all the iphone devices came from UAE, we already know that VOIP such as skype etc. is banned in UAE (don’t know the reason exactly, its either the telecom companies trying to increase their profit by banning free calls over the internet, or the government trying to monitor the calls) and facetime is somewhat a VOIP like feature, if you bought your device else where you wouldn’t have the problem, tried restoring after downloading the firmware manually, didn’t help, its more about model number than software, my iphone from uk had model number: MC###B, but the one from mobily has MC###AE, ill try to search for a solution anyone has any information plz hare

    • My iphone4(mobily) os4.0.2 on STC sim card facetime working but its unable when i put mobily the question is what if i ipdate to os4.1 will the facetime work with STC’s sim as its working now?

  12. how do u jailbreak the iphone???  plz somebody answer

  13. Hi everyone.
    I am about to buy the iPhone 4 from Mobily but facing same out of stock problems!
    But after reading this post it has got me worried as Facetime is a MAJOR feature!
    CAN ANYONE please with an iPhone 4 on iOS 4.1 follow this solution as posted above as well
    and return to us if it unlocked their Facetime and post it here.
    Please perform this solution and let us know urgently.

  14. Hello everyone I really need help with my iPhone 4 which i bought from Mobily and I started using it in London where I live now and I found out that Facetime isn’t working….I found your blog while trying to solve this issue so is there any way to get it on my phone??



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