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iPhone 4 case program ends September 30

When Steve Jobs announced the free iPhone 4 case program in July he said that Apple will reevaluate the program at the end of September. Here is Apple’s decision as posted on the iPhone 4 case program site:

“We now know that the iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than we originally thought. A small percentage of iPhone 4 users need a case, and we want to continue providing them a Bumper case for free. For everyone else, we are discontinuing the free case program on all iPhone 4s sold after September 30, 2010. We are also returning to our normal returns policy for all iPhone 4s sold after September 30. Users experiencing antenna issues should call AppleCare to request a free Bumper case.”

Basically if you bought an iPhone 4 before September 30, 2010 you will still get the free case. But if you bought it after that date and you had problems with the antenna then you can call Apple support and get a free Bumper.

The question is: How will Mobily deal with the case program whenever they provide the iPhone 4 officially in Saudi Arabia? Who will provide the free bumpers as we have no AppleCare in Saudi Arabia? A reason to check out the “We Want Apple Saudi Arabia” petition.

I have been running the iPhone 4 without a case on Mobily’s network for 4 weeks with no antenna issues at all. Many iPhone 4 users in Saudi Arabia that I talked to had no issues as well.

The reason why Apple chose September 30th is because it’s the end of their financial quarter. Apple said that it would defer $175 million to buy cases which will be recognized upon delivery to customers.

If you bought an iPhone 4 before September 30th you can always request your free case and ship it to a US address even if you had a UK iPhone 4 for example.

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  1. We should expect that apple did something with the antenna issue after 30th of September to fix the problem otherwise Mobily/STC should’ve brought IP4 in the Kingdom earlier or else we need to contact apple if we are experiencing such reception issues for a free case 🙁

  2. In my opinion the models that will be shipped after sep 30 has the antenna gate issue fixed e.g. non-conductive coated models. That is why the free bumper case offer applies to people only who can prove thier model belongs to the shipment prior sep 30.

    In case of Saudi Arabia, I think that is why the iphone 4 is not available with the official authorized dealer i.e. mobily – as yet. Thus, I am expecting it to arrive on mobily after sep 30. That is when apple starts shipping the no-conductive coated iphone 4 models. 

  3. Question about iphone 4My iphone 4, bought unlocked from UK, works fine but does not latch on to the STC 3G network. All I get is the measly Edge network. Earlier, on my iphone 3GS, I used to be able to connect to the 3G network fine. But since I have changed the sim to micro for the iphone 4, I have this problem.
    3G is of course turned on in settings. I have done resets, updated to 4.1 etc, but it seems that the problem is with the STC microSim. How do I know? I changed the Sim to a Mobily one that I use for my ipad and the phone went to 3G immediately.Any ideas on how to fix this? Does STC have a separate APN for the microsims? 

  4. hello guys i got some good you can buy an iphone 4 from jarir bookstore and get a free bumper case i got this news from their website

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