Daily Archives: September 9, 2010

Video: iPad is Musical ad by Apple

Apple has released a new ad for the their iPad. The ad is titled “iPad is Musical” and, just like the “iPad is delicious” ad, it shows off some of the unique iPad apps available in the App Store. Words used to describe the iPad in this video are: iPad is… “medical” “live” “musical” “work” “play” “memories” “social” “magazines” “historic”. ...

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Jarir Manipulates iPhone 4 Prices & Specs

Jarir “bookstore” has updated their website with new prices for the iPhone 4, these prices are relatively cheaper and the iPhone feature list is plain wrong. The new prices are: iPhone 4 32GB from 5,499SR to 4,999SR. iPhone 4 16GB from 4,599SR to 4,399SR. These prices are still overpriced compared to Mobily’s expected prices: 2,999SR and 2,650SR. Apple maintains their ...

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Apple releases iMovie 1.1 update

Apple has released iMovie 1.1 to include compatibility with the 4th generation iPod touch iMovie is a video editing app sold by Apple and design for iOS 4 devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. The update features also include: • Ability to split video clips. • Automatic music looping when video extends beyond music track. • ...

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