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Countries selling unlocked iPhone 4 and their prices

With the iPhone 4 release in 17 countries today some of them are selling it unlocked directly from the Apple Online Store.

We mentioned before that the UK and France Apple Stores are selling the unlocked iPhone 4 and explained how to order from the UK using an Aramex Shop and Ship address.

Here is the list of countries selling unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 4 at the Apple Store as well as their prices (first price is the 32GB in the local currency then converted to Saudi Riyal, after that the price of the 16GB model then converted to Saudi Riyal). Using currency exchange rates taken on 30 July 2010 from XE.com.

The countries are:

• UK – GBP £599 – 3,500.68 SAR – GBP £499 – 2,916.26 SAR
• France – EUR 739 – 3,605.22 SAR – EUR 629 – 3,068.36 SAR
• Canada – CAD $779.00 – 2,831.17 SAR – CAD $659.00 – 2,394.85 SAR
• Australia – A$ 999.00 – 3,372.03 SAR – A$ 859.00 – 2,899.57 SAR
• Denmark – DKK5,499.00 – 3,600.19 SAR – DKK4,699.00 – 3,076.43 SAR
• Hong Kong – HK$ 5,888 – 2,843.05 SAR – HK$ 4,988 – 2,408.53 SAR
• Ireland – EUR 699.00 – 3,409.49 SAR – EUR 599.00 – 2,921.89 SAR
• Italy – EUR 779,00 – 3,797.89 SAR – EUR 659,00 – 3,212.82 SAR
• Norway – kr 5.790,00 – 3,545.96 SAR – kr 4.890,00 – 2,994.78 SAR
• New Zealand – NZ$ 1,299.00 – 3,520.60 SAR – NZ$ 1,099.00 – 2,978.55 SAR
• Singapore – S$ 1,048.00 – 2,885.64 SAR – S$ 888.00 – 2,445.08 SAR
• Switzerland – CHF 899.00 – 3,242.33 SAR – CHF 769.00 – 2,773.47 SAR

Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada were the cheapest, if you weren’t willing to wait for Mobily and Saudi Telecom Company’s iPhone 4 then these countries are your best options.

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  1. Thanx a lot , can they buy more than a dvice ?

  2. When is it gonna come in KSA? 

  3. @khaled in canada there is a limit of two iPhones to a customer, so I assume that’s the same elsewhere.
    @amjad I’m not sure but i think there were rumors flying around that STC and Mobily will bring them in or. Around Ramadan… So sometime in august…

    • written in every store actually:
      * Limite de commande de l’iPhone 4 : deux par client
      Limite ordine iPhone 4: due per cliente
      iPhone 4 order limit: two per customer

  4. I wager around the end of September 2010!

  5. Hey guys, how can i ship iPhone from Canada? Aramex and Borderlinx only ship from US & UK…
    So is there any other way? Plz help me out with this issue…thanks

  6. What about Jarir, which has already given an ad of iPhone 4 in its August magazine edition?

  7. Kholoud Alsulaimani

    Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me to get an iphone 4g with 32gb from UK, or Canda. I have no idea about the process that I should do? any idea will be appreciated.

    • Use Borderlinx to get the UK product delivered to you. Im having the same problem with Canada….plz inform me if you get to now anything…

  8. Is it not safe to buy iPhone from Grey market?

  9. Checked that. Thanks.

  10. You guys are forgetting the Sales Tax, which is included in the price in Europe, but may not be included in for instance Canada. I have no clue how it exactly works for people in Saudi, if for instance they can get a rebate. 

  11. soooo… Is the antenna issues NOT a problem?!!! which is better, an iPhone 3Gs or an iPhone 4. ? thanks.

  12. Hello everyone,
    is the 16GB iPhone4 in canada for 659 US or CAD dollars? 
    im not sure, and the site doesn’t make it any more clear. 
    Thank you,

  13. @ Khaled pls help me in the comment above, and do u know if the prices in canada include taxes or not, and do they charge taxes. I have a saudi college friend studying abroad in Canada, if he bought me the iPhone r they gonna charge him for taxes.
    Thank you,

  14. iPhone now available at Jarir Bookstores !!!

  15. Taking Taxes into consideration Canada iPhones will cost just about the same as UK iPhones…just 100 sr difference(delivery chargers included)…

  16. Salam alikoum , i live in PARIS ( FRANCE ) and i am selling IPHONES 4 32 Go and 16 Go , the price is 16 Go = 850 Euros and 32 go = 970 Euros , i can provide more than 40 pieces ALL OFFICIALLY UNLOCKED .
    If you are interesting or if you plan to come in Paris , you can contact me at : cmoisam@hotmail.com

    Have Nice Ramadan to Everybody.

  17. Hi, i want to buy an iphone 4 from canada! Can you please tell me how and where i can order it from?!
    Thanks, Ramadan Kareem

  18. AA, i am planning to get iphone 4 from canada through some relative but i heard that its not working in saudi.if someone is already tested.please confirm with thanks.

  19. The guys here promoting Apple and suggesting to buy Apple from other countries, don’t understand a simple thing.

    If you buy from other country the warranty will be void and useless..

    Better pay few riyals extra and buy locally from Mobily STC Jarir

    • The iPhone 4 was not released in Saudi Arabia until now. We are waiting for Mobily to release it officially.

      As for Jarir, they are selling the UK iPhone 4 at ridiculously high prices, what they are selling is a gray market iPhone 4 and I doubt they have any idea on how to provide repairs for it.

    • So to insure that there is no future problem with Face
      I agree with you but buying from the UK or the US will insure that no applications (such as FaceTime) are disabled.
      What do you guys think? Is the warranty worth the risk of losing applications?

  20. Hey ppl, you can order your iPhone form Canada from one of these Mail forwarding service in Canada…


    Happy Shopping

  21. Hey anybuddy knows whats the price of IPHONE 4 in Jarrir or Axiom now? Month of may 2011? Pls I have 3500 sar can I get a 32 gb IPHONE 4?

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  23. phil "Las Vegas BABY "

    Hey I kno its NOT an original IDEA ….. But I am looking to but 5 unlocked iphone4s 32g or 16g from canada and either pick them up in Canada or have them shipped, Can Anyone educate me a BIT on this ?….Trying to STOP the man from keeping me DOWN !! I live in VEGAS….. and would make it worth your while………CHICS or CASINO’s

  24. Hey I kno its NOT an original IDEA ….. But I am looking to but 5 unlocked iphone4s 32g or 16g from Canada and either pick them up in Canada or have them shipped, Can Anyone educate me a BIT on this ?….Trying to STOP the man from keeping me DOWN !! I live in VEGAS….. and would make it worth your while………CHICS or CASINO’s

  25. Checkout(promotion):- Apple iPhone 4S 16GB,32GB,64GB/Apple Iphone 4G,16GB,32GB,64GB (Factory Unlocked) (White/Black)in Affordable Rate


  26. The Stores is iphone 4 s without profit exact price send me a

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