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Daily Archives: July 28, 2010

Apple opens Safari Extensions Gallery

With the release of Safari 5.0.1 and enabling extensions, Apple has launched the Safari Extensions Gallery to showcase the extensions available for Safari. The gallery is available on Apple’s site: Safari Extensions Gallery Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac Arabic Edition. Please follow SaudiMac on Twitter and add SaudiMac on Facebook.

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Safari 5.0.1 enables Extensions

Apple has released Safari 5.0.1 which enables Extensions without entering Developer mode. Safari Extensions customize the browser with features created by third-party developers. This update also contains improvements to stability, accessibility and security, including the following: • More accurate Top Hit results in the Address Field • More accurate timing for CSS animations • Better stability when using the Safari ...

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Apple Battery Charger

In addition to the iMac and Magic Trackpad, Apple release released their own Battery Charger. The charger is designed for AA batteries which is used in many of Apple’s accessories including: Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. The Apple Battery Charger is sold for $29 and includes the charger with 6 AA NiMH batteries. Arabic version of this ...

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Apple releases the Magic Trackpad

Apple has released the Magic Trackpad which is an alternative input device to the mouse and similar to notebook trackpads. Magic Trackpad supports multi-touch and was made for desktop Macs (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro). It also supports a number of gestures such as tap, pinch, swipe and others. Magic Trackpad design is similar to the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It ...

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