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Twitter App Twittelator Pro 4.0 for iOS 4 and iPhone 4

My favorite Twitter App for the iPhone and iPod touch, Twittelator Pro, has been updated to support major iOS 4 and iPhone 4 features.

Twittelator Pro 4.0 update adds the following:

• Multitasking and fast app switching support (in iOS 4 and iPhone 4).
• 10x performance improvement
• More Retweet/Quote templates
• Search results show 100 messages

Twittelator Pro is one of the oldest Twitter apps for the iPhone (September 2008) and has over 200 features.

Here are screenshots for the app taken on iPhone 4:

App price: $4.99 and there is a free version here.

Click to Buy

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  1. Oh man! The iPhone 4 screenshots are looking awesome! Retina Display looks promising!


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