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iPhone 4 price in Saudi Arabia

Update on 12 February 2011: Here are STC’s iPhone 4 prices.

Update (September 26 2010): Here are Mobily’s official iPhone 4 prices.

Apple’s policy with their hardware prices is simple: release new products at the same price as the previous generation. iPhone 3GS was sold at the same price of the iPhone 3G. The iPhone 4 will cost the same as the iPhone 3GS.

When Mobily launched the iPhone officially in Saudi Arabia in February 2009 the high end iPhone 3G 16GB was sold for 2,800SR for prepaid and 2,650SR for postpaid 99.

With the iPhone 3GS, Mobily sold the prepaid iPhone 3GS 32GB for 2,999SR (a small increase) but the postpaid 99 still cost 2,650SR.

We expect that the iPhone 4 from Mobily (and possibly Saudi Telecom Company or Zain) will be sold for 2,650SR with postpaid 99.

iPhone 4 will most likely be unlocked unless Apple changes the information in this support document.

Apple will not sell the different colored iPhones at different prices. Unlike Nokia that sold the black E75 for 400SR more than a red E75 at their official Saudi stores! I am not even sure which one was higher.

Sources: Mobily iPhone 3G pricesMobily iPhone 3GS prices.

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  1. i agree the main idea u said about the markting ???

    but i am really disappoitment once i see the iphone its dont bring a new vs. the nexus one so i bought google untill appple make a new genertion as it mean

  2. much better same price aportable!!

  3. Mohammed Gibran

    Lol… Nokia is really funny…. Prices differ on the basis of colour….
    Ya hopefully iPhone 4 should cost the same price as the 3gs… 🙂

  4. I guess I would go for HTC EVO 4G  coz Android is growing faster than any other OS & it is much more amusing BUT I cant deny that The Iphone rules

  5. (cry)
    I want it but I can’t because I’ve 3gs
    it is wanderfull

  6. if HTC EVO wont work here, then HURRAY Iphone

  7. iphone 4 supports only the microsim, does this available in saudi arabian operators?

  8. what will be the price of iphone 4 in Saudi Arabia

  9. It can’t be locked. According to CITC it is illegal to sell locked phones in Saudi Arabia.

  10. If I get iphone4, can I use 3GS and 4 with the same backups also can I purchase one app and use it on both the phones? I know it works between ipad and iphone, but how about buying one app and having them on two different models of iphone. 

    • Yes, you can use one back-up that is if you used iOS 4.0 in backing up your 3GS phone then sync it up with iPhone 4. And to answer your last question, Yes you can sync all your apps to all your iphones.

  11. i talked with a mobily executive, and he told me that the ipad is coming to saudi arabia in a few months (1 to 3 months) and it will cost 400sr-300sr cheaper then the ipads sold in other stores like axiom and extra or jarir. and he told me that the iphone 4 is coming to saudi arabia a few months after september (like 2 to 5 months). it wil be the same price point as before (same as you guys speculated) but he told me that mobily is considering to change the prices and contracts a bit because of facetime so they might want to integrate it (but thats highly unlikely in my opinion).
     PS i found this mobily executive in rashid mall talking to one of his friends in axiom, so i jumped in and asked him, he was around his 30’s and knew what he was talking about, he had an iphone 3gs 32gb actually.
    hope this helps! 

  12. I was waiting for this for a lot of time and it’s finally here but i may not get it from saudi arabia because i’ll get from USA so i was wondering if i buy it before it comes to saudi arabia will anything bad happen to my iphone 4

    • Bad thing that will happen? It will be locked to AT&T and for as long as the DEV Team will be uncertain for the unlock software, you won’t be able to use your iPhone 4 here in Saudi Arabia 😉 Just my cent!

  13. The prices sucks in here….i would rather order from outside and jailbreak it…..A beta version is already out even before the official launch of iphone 4.

  14. hello i am Iranian do you think i can buy an iphone 3GS or 4 from there without paying monthly fee??
    i mean with that low prepayments !?

  15. Mr. Khaled do you have any information about when it will be released @ mobily store ? 

  16. that’s my question too !!

  17. when iphone4 lunch in saudi?

  18. Please Answer Khaled !!!

  19. hello i am Iranian do you think i can buy an iphone 3GS or 4 from there without paying monthly fee??
    i mean with that low prepayments !?

    i mean to buy with a low prepayment ad return to iran without paying monthly fee ??
    anybody knows ??

  20. Khaled do you know ?

  21. hello
    i thought of buying an iphone 3GS and iam in a hurry should i wait for iphone 4 or just get the iphone 3gs and whats the difference between those two ?

  22. Its already in Kuwait 299 Kd for 16gb

  23. When will it be in the Mobily Stores?

  24. @ghurir. Where it is available in kuwait?? I tried many places and finally managed to make a pre-order from an online portal http://www.aido.com. But I failed to find any store here in Kuwait. 

    • I live in UK but im here in saudi arabia for my vacation. Over there it cost about £600 – £700 which makes about SR 4000. I tried buying online and found this AIDO.com but is it  genuine. I mean no one has ever heard about them and it can be a scam too. let me know if you get your iphone 4 and your money doesn’t go down the drain.

  25. Thats right, I am also hearing aido.com for the first time. But they seems pretty reasonable. I googled about them and found interesting articles on gulfnews ( Dubai based news paper). They are giving the best price for iPhone, others are totally rip off. I called up their customer service and they guided me how to place the order. Website contains contact number and their office location. A Pretty cool service, I will use them again. 

  26. Hi guys i have seen ur comments above…if u need an iphone 4 in saudi Arabia at reasonable price with factory sealed packaging you can contact me at h_funky@hotmail.com

  27. i just got a newsletter from jarir bookstores, they advertising the iphone 4 as “coming soon”, i wonder if this phone would be factory unlocked or not.

  28. Hey guys what’s up?

    by the way ANYONE interested in buying my IPHONE Black 3gs 16GB with OS 4.1, it is Brand NEW i bough only this January from MOBILY original Price is 2,599 SR now i’m selling it for 2,300 SR, 100% in BRAND NEW Condition and complete with the Original Box + accessories.


  29. I have a quick question…
    is it better to buy the iPhone 4 16 GB from the UK for 499 Pounds= 2935 ryals (unlocked), or buying it from Saudi?
    Are the iPhones in Saudi Arabia unlocked? when you buy them from mobily for the prices avove are u obligated in a 2 year contract?
    pls answer me as soon as possible, my uncle is at London and he can buy me one 🙂

    • Do get it from London as of yet the official release date for Saudi Arabia has not been announced. However ask your uncle to get it from an apple retail store and not any carphonewarehouse or phones4u shop (as they will be locked to carrier.

      Also just remember that when I last checked at the apple retail stores in London they promised delivery after 3 weeks of your date of order.

  30. Dear Mr. Khalid I purchased iphone4 from ebay and i put stc micro sim in my Iphone4 but still its showing no service why?

    • I’m STILL waiting for the white one to come out! I rlaley wanted to stay in line over night, but I’m staying comitted to getting this color. Scratches and fingerprints dont show up so I’m good.

  31. Can i unlock my iphone4 which i purchased from US, Please advise someone, What is the proceedure?

  32. Hi, I found the iPhone 4 – 32GB at ipmart online for $1169, that’s about SR 4540 including the shipping payment. I was wondering how much it would cost in Saudi.

  33. I have an IPhone 4 that I am offering. I won’t sell it for cheap though. it’s a 16GB black and officially unlocked. 4,500SAR, only Saudi Arabia Jeddah or Dammam… salkhabti@gmail.com

  34. I fone 4 is best

  35. Think..it should be cheap while with carrier(AT&T US & other country) price is Iphone4 16gb ($199 USD) & 32gb ($299 USD) the unlocked one shouldn’t cross ($400 USD),so why this much price in KSA ?…………

  36. hi, i want buy iphone4 unlock.
    who can send iphone for me?
    i live in iran and we dont have any master or visa cart.
    if any body can send me iphone4(unlock) that work in iran, i want him send 50 iphone for me. contact me

  37. hey ppl
    i have iphone 4 16 and 32 gb for sale if anyone intrested please contact me the price for the iphone 4 16 gb is 4500 SAR And for the IPHONE 4 32 GB IS 5500 SAR
    for sale only in jeddah
    you can contact me 0590575790

  38. expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. if you interested in buying iphone 4g you can contact with usBrand new 100% original Apple iPhone 4G, Nokia N97 32GB, Blackberry Bold 9700We are registered company that handles the sale of mobile phones,games, laptops, cameras, musical instruments and all other electronicdevices.

    contact email::shopmobileshop@gmail.com

  40. im selling new 16GB iPhone 4 for sr4000

  41. I’ve been looking for an iphone 3gs for a reasonable price, but all I seem to get is around 2700, which dosent suit me. I’m also worried that as soon as the iphone 4 spreads, there will no longer be any 3gs’ available for sale. I’ve been looking to a price around 2200, even a properly used one will do. I been thinking to wait for a week or 2 and see if the prices drop.

    • Moutaz, I am planning to sell my iphone 32gb 3gs and looking out for the same price as you are willing to offer. please let me know if you are interested.


    • I have 32GB iphone 3GS purchased in Feb., 2010 from mobily, Black color. Perfect condition can send you the picture of the phone itself if you’re interested. Mail me at sameer@uenocorp.com. I am based in Riyadh and can give it to you for 2,200sr cash on spot delivery.

    • Well, yes i am interested in both, but you’ve go to send me pictures of the phone first and tell me when u brought it, plus i live in khobar, so I guess that’s a problem.

  42. I have bought an unlocked Iphone 4 in the UK but can’t use my STC sim as I need a Micro SIM – does anyone know if I can get the Micro SIM in KSA and can I transfer my KSA number?

  43. SALAM ALIKOOM GUYS.. first of all RAMADAN mubarrk 3likom
    secondly I have bought an unlocked I PHONE 4 16 G FROM APPLE WEBSITE ( Australia) I will receive it in the end of this month .. it has cost me 2500 SR

  44. Salam alikoum , i live in PARIS ( FRANCE ) and i am selling IPHONES 4 32 Go and 16 Go , the price is 16 Go = 850 Euros and 32 go = 970 Euros , i can provide more than 40 pieces ALL OFFICIALLY UNLOCKED .
    If you are interesting or if you plan to come in Paris , you can contact me at : cmoisam@hotmail.com

    Have Nice Ramadan to Everybody.

  45. I have I phone 4  32G for sale 4500 SR  new and unlocked  I bought it  from Canada  With 50 dollars to download applications from internet 
    I live in Dammam 

  46. im interested to buy an iphone 4 16gb. im willing to pay 3500-3800 SR only. dammam, jubail or khobar. thanks!

  47. I’m selling 16GB for sr3800
    email me at ksadesertdude@gmail.com

  48. Brand new 16GB iPhone 4 for sr3500
    locked to AT&T. We all know how to unlock it now.
    even if its factory unlocked, u still need a jailbreak!
    email me if u want it (Riyadh)

  49. Please, I need to know where iPhone4 is sold and how much now ?? I hope to respond quickly 🙁

  50. contact me if you are in eastern province or jeddah. salkhabti@gmail.com

  51.  Anyone interesting to sell iphone3gs 32gb White color in Installment ?? 

    I live in MEDINA Munawara call me 054-0546638

  52. My suggestion is just wait for MOBILY launch of iPhone 4, I am sure it is much lower in price

  53. AA, i am planning to get iphone 4 unlocked from canada through some relative but i heard that its not working in saudi.if someone is already tried & tested.please confirm with thanks.

  54. Any update when Mobily or STC will be offering this gem of a gadget?

    I wasnt aware it is already available at Jarir, and now I am tempted to get my manly hands on this thing as soon as possible. I will check after I leave office as I don’t know the price. Excited

  55. You my friend just made my day , i thank you , and i hope what you’re saying  is true !

  56. Hyper Panda has the iphone 4 16gb for SAR 3999

  57. I have 2 iphone 4 for sale. 32 GB. Black with screen protector. SR 4800. Dammam

  58. i saw on the official website, it says that the iphone 4 price is now $229 for 16G. How come?

  59. I live in Dammam, I ordered through Aido.com and received within 3 days. Price was okay compared to the local market here in Saudi. But still not that cheap. SR 4200 for factory unlocked 32 gb iPhone 4, the best thing is that thats coming with Apple warranty.

  60. Dear all,
    I’m selling iphone 4 16GB black jail broken just like new hardly used less than a week. It comes with 130 applications and most of them are paid plus few accessories. I gurentee you the best offer in town and reason is to buy on urgent basis.. call me 0594988649..Price is final 3200 Riyals

  61. Salam everybody,

    Mobily Iphone4 that will be launched will be exclusive to Mobily and probably cheap for those who have Mobily connection. However, i get Iphone4 UNLOCKED from states at a very low price for both 16GB & 32GB sealed.
    Anybody interested email me at ospen2005@yahoo.com


  62. SORRY MY EMAIL IS: Ospen2005@yahoo.com (and not hotmail as it was before)

    Mobily Iphone4 that will be launched will be exclusive to Mobily and probably cheap for those who have Mobily connection. However, i get Iphone4 UNLOCKED from states at a very low price for both 16GB & 32GB sealed.
    Anybody interested email me at ospen2005@yahoo.com


  63. anybody interested to buy iphone 3gs 16gb black for 2300 SR in good condition ” as in good as NEW condition” with complete accessories box and plastic.


  64. My friend Rene told me that there is Iphone 4 64GB as far as i know there is only 16 and 32 GB. Does Apple has already made this newest Iphone?

  65. 1. Are mobily iphone 4’s locked to mobily sim cards ?

  66. Hello please anyone can till me why mobily soled the i phon 4 for this sheap price while it is axpensive than that at usa the country of i phon
    please i want 2 know whyyyyyyyy?

    Realy i’m in bad mood cause of that

  67. What you mean by bieng as iranian ans i’ll not get any good stuff ?
    i just ask about the changes in prices in i phon 4 in saudi if u know pls reply

  68. Check STC homepage; its mentioned iPhone4 coming soon.

  69. bhosri i phone tere gaar me dalo

  70. I went to check out iPhone4 at Mobily Thaliah last night, said they don’t have stock.
    The iZone store beside them is selling 16GB(SAR3800) & 32GB(SAR5200).

    Can somebody tell me where can I purchase 16GB here in Jeddah at reasonable price.
    I already register with Mobily & STC online to give me update of its availability.

  71. Anyone interested to buy New I phone 4 16 GB in saudi arbbia contact me 4300 Riyal

  72. Hello i said u have i phone 4 with 4300 sr is that new , jailbroken or faktory unlocked and how can i contact with u thanks


  74. hi!! my friend is going to sell i phone 4 apple he didnt use it its totaly new if i buy this i have to open lock or it will work directly when i will insert sim card and please also advice that if i buy this in 2800/sr its price ok or not and where we are working there is only 3g tower for internet this i pone 4 will work there or not and last question is that also i want to use in pak i can use or not please reply on chsubban@gmail.com


  75. I am interested to buy one, since long time I have registered with online with Mobily to get its availability but not yet received a single message.
    Personally I visited Mobily head office near Tahlia St.and there staff told me that it will be available in next week, ‘the word ‘next week’ is repeating default there since one and half months. But they told me 16 GB cost SR 2,700. From near sources of Mobily I got message that staffs of Mobily are dealing devices in black market with high rate. I enquire in Balad area there’s cost SR 3,450. in Start Market SR 3,500. Now remaining Jarir Book…let’s see the price there.

  76. Availability in Mobily is still less chance, no more in Jarir Book, in black market some shops in Balad and Phelestine st costs SR 3,500 for 16 GB. STC is planning to bring it soon in market…but see may it will take more than 5 months. You know one thing what, when a child cries to eat a sweet…but his elder doesn’t allow him to eat or doesn’t bring it for him…gradually child lose the thirst and interest for the sweet. Later on his parents bring a lot of variety and tasty sweets…child eats, but he has less lust for the sweet as he was yawning crying for the sweet. It’s going to be happen with Apple iphone 4.

  77. Till availability of iPhone 4 in Kingdom iPhone 4 CDMA with more advance fondness will launch very soon in February 2011

  78. Now any one wants iPhone 4 16GB, it’s available at SR 3500/-, contact me. min. order 4 pcs.

  79. Does the  new iphone4 have bluetooth??

  80. hey i live in india so my iphone 4 is coming from saudi arabia so will it unlock and work her

  81. saudi arabia i phone 4 will unlock here

  82. my friend i take i phone 4 for stc but suddenly im using my friend iqama Wat will be happens   dont have any idea i need to return it or will sell it,  need you help guys beacuse im going vacation  this time

  83. Did every 1 knows that the price of iphone 4 on ksa is down too ><< right now iphone 4 has been 2359 <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>> its orignal from british <<>< i havent bought it lolz

    • heey, are there now available white iphone 4 in any apple store or in Itechia or maybe in jarir?? ^^ but.. uhm. i dont know what should i buy. the black one or the white one?. 🙂 ty.

  84. i’m selling my Brand New  iphone 4G HD 32GB, definitely authentic, openline to allnetwork,price is negotiable. pm me if you’re interested. i have 4units

    • Pastor. Maxwell Fiberesima.


      Dear Sir/Ma,

      We are interested in your product. Can you supply in large quantity to Norfolk? and Seeing your offer we want to get your best fob price for each one of your phone, tablet, and laptop.

      I have to get a smart phone for business reasons (must be able to respond to emails rapidly/on the go). I hear great things about the upcoming iPhone 4S, but the arbitrary restrictions it places upon the user bother me (I don’t want to have to jailbreak anything) so I’m trying to look a little deeper.

      Please try get us more merchandise and accessories to send you promptly our invoice by paypal account.

      New & Used List Product:

      5 units Apple Iphones 3G 16GB
      5 units Apple Iphones 4G 32GB
      3 units Blackberry Bold 9700
      2 units Blackberry Bold 9900
      2 units Samsung Facinate (VZW) Con
      3 units HTC EVO (Sprint) Con

      Best Regards,

      Pastor. Maxwell Fiberesima.

  85. iphone 4 available in ksa are china assembelled ?

  86. can u tel me iphono 5 price in saudia arabia 

  87. can u tell me iphone 5 price in saudia arabia 

  88. Thank you for the prices, but now prices are updated in the market, so you please do that.

  89. Apple Iphone 4G HD 32GB – 350usdWe have in stock, the availability of the New Latest phones ranging from All various models. All Our Offered Devices are Brand new,Original, Guaranteed, our Mobile phones are all Unlocked and comes with 1 Year International Warranty and 90 Days sales return Policy for all Customers..
    We offer discount offer on the following purchase…
    Buy 2 get 1 free….Buy 5 get 3 free…..
    Apple Iphone 4G HD 32GB – 350usdApple Iphone 4G HD 16GB – 300usdApple iPad 2 3G 64GB – 500usd
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    You can also send us mails..
    Skype : perfectsale2
    ICQ: 612825404 

  90. i wanna know the current and the present price of iphone 4 and 5 can any one please send it to mailing address !!!

  91. Please send mail about your enquiry to :  perfectsale.ltd (@

  92. Please send mail about your enquiry to :  perfectsale.ltd@gmail.com

  93. please,price the mobile iphon apple 5 send

  94. where can i buy iPhone4 here in Riyadh? bcoz in jarir already out of stock.


  96. siraj uddin saifi

    can you tell me prise of i phone 4 s 32gb saudi arabia

  97. siraj uddin saifi

    can you tell me prise of i phone 4 s 32gb in saudi arabia

  98. any knows the price of touch screne mobile in saudi arabia

  99. Authentic jailbroken (unlocked) sealed in box Apple iPhone 4S 64GB/32GB & Apple iPad 3 64GB + Wifi 4G.

    *Blackberry Porche* Available
    *Samsung Galaxy S3* Available

    ContactMe: directltd9@gmail.com
    skype: direct.mobile.ltd9
    Tel: 205-308-8906
    Direct Mobile Ltd:-

  100. can you tell me price of i phone4 32gb in saudi arabia

  101. i phobe sasta karo yaar jaldi chtuye tum log abhi tak rate nahi giraya i phone ka

  102. iphone 4 you can purchase for 3,100SAR got one from Riyadh


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