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The problem with Arabic content: no source verification

You might want to check your email’s source

It was interesting, especially on the Arabic edition. I would like to thank everyone who made a positive comment in that post. My only mistake is not notifying the editors of Apple World about it. Hopefully we don’t need to resort to that.

The post author has replied, he said that he got the post as an email and he published it. Unfortunately that’s not how most web sites operate. It’s important to understand the concepts of “citation”, “quoting”, “referencing”. It is a serious issue with most Arabic content.

I hope this “drama” has raised awareness regarding Arabic content and intellectual property.

Jeff Gamet of the Mac Observer had an interesting observation about Arabs and intellectual property, his quote: “That’s so weird considering so much of the world’s intellectual growth came from the Arabs. :)”. strong words, man.

Updated – Saudi site steal intellectual property

Update 1: Post now included a link to my post as a “source”.

Update 2: Post is now gone.

Update 3: At least 2 people commented that their site design copies SaudiMac. Interesting observation even though I don’t see it. By the way it’s this and this comment. I didn’t claim anything. People make the weirdest assumptions.

Update 4: Arabs (Except 3) accused me of slander. I guess the mentality is still copy-paste mentality.

I am very sad to see this, “Apple World – عالم آبل“, an Arabic site that we promoted and recommended last year has flat out stole our intellectual property. This is our original post on the Arabic site titled “ARM CEO denies rumors that Apple is buying them“. Here’s a screen-shot:

Has been duplicated here (link will probably be deleted so here’s a screen-shot):

This is very disappointing to see. Actions like this are only hurting Arabic websites.

Arabic version as usual on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. The real problem is that Wannabe bloggers can’t create for themselves.
    We got used to copying imported TV programs that our brains ceased to create anything.
    Sadly many Arabs have mastered the technology of Copy & Paste.

  2. They updated the post.. it’s now referring to saudimac as a source 🙂
    That’s good!

  3. what! why?
    I’m sure it’s there :S

  4. looks like they ripped off more than just the words, the site design is dangerously close to yours…

  5. OMG! you’re right!
    I didn’t notice at first..

  6. Someone definitely knows how to use copy & paste, great job.

    I’m sure Khaled wouldn’t have a problem with it if they would have referred to his blog from the very first.

    And yes, Heath Arensen is right, somehow the whole site looks similar to saudimac. It might not be copied but he sure looked at this site while creating his own.

  7. Khaled, did you contacted the writer or the management in Apple wd?
    Don’t blame them for this new writer (Mohammad Al Arfaj) that post was his first.

    Apple wd is a great blog -as you know- it’s not cool for you or saudimac to write such a blog about them without contacting the management first.

    Best Regards,

  8. and you steal the intellectual property from another site too

  9. he was trying the copy+paste feature

  10. The comments in the Arabic version of this article are on fire!
    That’s so good! I really thank you Khaled! for making a big deal out of this issue.
    This will make a lot of people think twice before “stealing” intellectual property

  11. hello khaled.. could you please help access the ipad’s app store here in Saudi Arabia ?
    cuz i can’t get an access to it!

    Thank you.

  12. This is absolutely embarrassing. The comments and replies were way out of line. Why attack on a personal level. Everyone is an adult-at least I hope so. Why do they have editors to begin with? You don’t need them if all you do is copy and paste. This is not even the first time. A source is needed when u use it as a source and not copy the whole thing. Just link to it and apply your own comments if you are not even going to summarize.


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