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Thank you

A big thanks to everyone who visited SaudiMac, سعودي ماك, Facebook page, Twitter page and WeWantAppleSaudi. You encouraged us to continue working on the site and helping the Mac community in Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday CNN reported on the launch of the Apple iPad and how some people outside the US decided to order them anyway. I was shocked to see SaudiMac mentioned and displayed on the CNN screen.

The post shown on the screen was this one then they talked a bit about mail forwarding companies and in this case: myus. In the end they asked if anyone in Saudi Arabia did pre-order an iPad to either email or tweet them. Their twitter name is: @cnntech.

Here is the video:

Thanks to everyone for supporting us! And we promise more good news in the future.


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  1. SaudiMac.com you are great guys.

    Keep working hard for us.

    We really appreciate it.

    And for the iPad, I haven’t ordered it because I don’t need it. I think my laptop will suffice

    Thanks Apple anyway.

  2. Keep it up guys. You have done amazing job and it’s time to harvest the fruits. (two thumbs up!)

  3. awesome!!!!
    apple might notice their customers in saudi arabia! RECONDITION! YES!
    great job guys, this wouldn’t have happened without you! keep it up!

  4. thank you very much khalid, continue your good work, is it possible you to create a forum, so we can have discussions,post tutorials, so the users can interact with others too,like a SaudiMac community forum,
    thank you

  5. Great website, I guest it is the only Saudi site that I visit on a daily basis. Keep up the excellent work!

  6. Superb! Congratulations. You guys have done everything superbly and deserve the appreciation 🙂

  7. Awesome! SaudiMac on CNN!! Lol Khaled how did it feel! 🙂

  8. Good job and this may give us better chance to see real Mac Store in Saudi Arabia


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