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MBC thinks that the iPad is a smartphone

In a news segment aired yesterday on MBC they showed the upcoming Apple iPad. MBC called it a “Smartphone that combines the functions of computer and television”. What do you think of their knowledge in technology?

Thanks to Dr. Saleh AlShebil for sharing this picture and giving me permission to publish it here.

If someone have a video recording of this segment then please post it here.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. Do a little research MBC and understand the products that you are going to publish news about!
    MBC=FAIL 🙂

  2. Amazing, where was Hussein when he was needed? Their tech guy.

  3. really smart… LOL!

  4. Not unusual for mbc!
    They sell media to specific segments of people (I politely don’t wanna mention what segments)!

  5. LOOOOOOOL !!!!! XD

  6. what were they thinking?1 LOL they are really stupid saying the ipad is a smartphone

  7. LOL


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