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iPad battery replacement: pay $100, get a new iPad

According the the Apple iPad FAQ page the iPad battery replacement policy is this: pay $99 + shipping and you will receive a new iPad unit.

Apple will not transfer your data from the old unit, so you will use your iTunes backup.

We hope that Apple dealers in Saudi Arabia will implement this policy whenever they get the iPad.

Read more about the iPad battery replacement policy at Apple’s site.

Battery Replacement Service – iPad: Frequently Asked Questions [Apple.com].

Arabic version on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. طيب ماراح تطبق عندنا، عشان محدودية تفكير الوكلاء في السعوديه على تكنزم المال بدل من كسب زبون واحد بس
    We have material dealership in the kingdom.

    However, this question should be asked to them!

     What a customer means to them?

  2. انا اوافق اللي فوقي بالرايي..
    لا تعليق متى بيتحسن عندنا الوضع و نصير اوادم ؟؟!!!!!

  3. Yah right. Let’s have a decent dealer here first. Although I personally think iTechia might implement suc policy


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