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Daily Archives: March 24, 2010

Mac OS X is 9 years old

Today, March 24th, is the 9th birthday of Apple’s Mac OS X. On September 13th 2000 Apple released the first public beta of their operating system named “Kodiak”. On the 24th of March 2001 they released Mac OS X 10.0 and abandoned OS9. Mac OS X was based on NeXTSTEP from NeXT, the company that Steve Jobs has founded and ...

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Apple Store Fifth Avenue one of the most photographed locations in NYC

Computer Science students in Cornell University has analyzed 35 million photographs on Flickr using the university‬ Supercomputer. One of the findings: Apple Store Fifth Avenue is the fifth most photographed location in New York City. The first 5 locations are: 1- Empire State Building 2- Times Square 3- Rockefeller Center 4- Grand Central Station 5- Apple Store Fifth Ave. Globally ...

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Apple TV Birthday Cake

Hazmity celebrated his birthday with a custom cake that his wife ordered. The cake is a figure of him sitting on a coach with a hookah and watching shows from his TV that’s connected to an “Apple TV“. The bakery wrote “Mac TV” though. The photos were posted in this thread on ADSLGate (Arabic link). Arabic version of this post ...

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