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Nokia Now Comes With Music

Had the pleasure to be invited by Nokia to attend the Comes With Music event in Beirut, Lebanon. Where Nokia introduced their new fresh take on how to consume music.

To make it simple, if you buy a Nokia device (like the upcoming Nokia X6) that has the “Comes With Music” logo on it, you will get unlimited number of songs (both Arabic and English) for a full year to download whenever you want, and the best part is that you can keep it for life.


The Nokia X6 has direct access to the Ovi Music Store so that you can download your year-long free music over WiFi or 3G directly to your device, this slick unit will be available in the Saudi market by the first week of March, and will cost roughly $600 (about SR 2250).

Screen shot 2010-02-17 at 1.47.38 PM.png

The interesting part is that Nokia has secured deals with all the major label companies around the world and in the Middle East in order to give you access to 4 Million songs to download 4 Free, 4 Life.


Before I let you go and watch the video I shot during the event, I would like to reflect on this for a second… You can get any song you want, any time you want it, unlimited number of songs… Free… Yours to keep… I swear it is yours to keep, now go out there and enjoy it.

You can also check out this video I shot of the main announcement below, enjoy.

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  1. is this post somewhat lost? i thought saudimac is for apple products? please correct me if i am wrong Khaled.

    • Saudimac is for Saudi, too. Not just for mac.

      Honestly, what a deal !?

      At least they include Arabic music, Not like apple Itunze where you only get foreign songs.

    • dude i think you misunderstood what am i pointing about….. read the “about” of this site…

      i am sorry Mr. Mazen i know you are a contributor of this site but the one you posted here is somewhat contrary to the site (well that is what i think, you know, nokia is different from appleand i am not the site owner).. please don’t get me wrong… thanks…

    • SaudiMac is about everything related to the Mac community. so we will talk about general Mobily news because they are the iPhone distributor. Mazen posted about Nokia because Nokia is introducing a Music Store to the region, something we want Apple to do.

    • “dude”, even the iTunes US music store have Arabic songs.
      The problem is: Apple’s Saudi iTunes store is limited to Apps, we would like Apple to enter the Saudi market (another goal of http://www.wewantapplesaudi.com/ )

    • One final note: SaudiMac started with the goal of being a community site, everyone is welcome to post on it.
      You are more than welcome to join the community and post: http://www.saudimac.com/join-saudimac/

  2. thanks for the clarification Khaled! 2 thumbs up for you and Mazen.


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