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iPhone OS 3.1.3 Update with Security fixes

Apple released an update for the iPhone and iPod touch. iPhone OS 3.1.3 update improves accuracy of reported battery level on the iPhone 3GS, resolves an issue with some apps that don’t launch and fixes a bug with Japanese keyboard.

The Mac Observer mentions that iPhone OS 3.1.3 includes some security fixes as well. So make sure to install this update as soon as possible.

You can install the update using iTunes. Remember if you have jailbroken the device then you need to wait until the new jailbreak is out.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. thx fro the info…
    updating now,,, allah ystr la y6l3 feeh mashakl

  2. I read somewhere that this update enables tethering for factory unlocked iphones. Any confirmation from those who updated?

    • seems to be true !!
      there is a new setting under “Cellular Data” for “Internet Tethering”, which has three fields: APN, Username and Password…
      gtg now and will try to figure it out tomorrow inshalah

  3. thx, but now i have already jailbrocken my phone, so i need to wait

  4. Tethering config for Mobily :

    Postpaid :-
    APN : web1

    Prepaid :-
    APN : web2

    no user / pass is required for both

  5. I don’t see tethering

  6. since my phone is factory unlocked and jailbroken, can i upgrade this firmware?

  7. I ve updated, but cannot see the tethering option ??? @cybertronix, any help???

  8. Any one knows the tethering config for STC. I have a factory unlocked 3GS with 3.1.3 already installed.

  9. @Gibran
    u can use this link to download the config file

  10. @igabb

    STC data settings for the iPhone 3G


  11. I have jailbrekrn my iPhone 3gs so how can I update which I purchased from Mobily

  12. I don’t want to jailbreak my I want remove jailbreak so how could I do it

  13. Yes tethering is back with 313 on my factory unlocked 3Gs on STC. It disappeared with my previous 2 updates. I haven’t done anything besides installing the new 313 update and restarting the iPhone. Good luck to all.

  14. Except the ones who saved their SHSHs on saurik’s server ; )
    Just finished restoring to custom 3.1.2 ipsw today : )

  15. Did anyone upgraded to 3.1.3 successfully when the phone is factory unlocked and jailbroken?

  16. Well, @cybertronix… I checked the link.. And I had installed it earlier and removed it also since it was not working… Now anyway I installed it by entering the APN which is web2 in mobily… It got installed and I restarted the phone. Now it’s showing me an option in settings as profile… Enable tethering… When I touch the option it’s showing me unsigned and remove option only. What do I do now?

  17. @Gibran
    Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering

    I have fw 3.1.2 and tethering is available by default

  18. @cybertronix, hi … I dint have this option in either of the firmwares… Nor 3.1.2 nor 3.1.3…. Dint check this option was there when I bought the phone on nov 7th… I have this profile option in general settings I.e….. Settings>general> profile – enable tethering> remove option that’s it…. No tethering option in network… In network I have following enable 3g, VPN conf, cellular data network, wifi … That’s it no tethering option here… Anybody else having this ??? Don’t know … Anyway any help ??

  19. Assalamu Alikum, Hi I am an iphone user from Madinah, bought an iphone 3G (from mobily), brought home activated and it worked with STC sim perfectly (factory unlocked). 2 weeks ago, my son dropped it, display dgone, phone not working and after much problems got a replacement from mobily, after paying 1300 SAR. Tried bringing home, activated without SIm card, put STC sim card, gives the screen requesting connecting to itunes, says in itunes wont recognise sim and needs to be from the right operator, happens with all sims other than that of mobily. I am puzzled, is this replacement iphone (came brand new packed) not factory unlocked? Will I have to unlock it to use stc? Any body else have had the same problem?. I am on 3.1.3. Any suggestions guys? Will be grateful for your kind response.

  20. There is an app called MyWi for who is looking for Internet tethering.
    It shares the 3G internet available on the iPhone through its wifi ( makes a hotspot ).

  21. Mobily delivered a carrier update via iTunes. Tethering is enabled


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