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SaudiMac iPhone Photography Flickr Group

With just the iPhone camera, some photographers were able to capture some pretty interesting sights. Many of the photos aren’t high resolution quality works that you’d expect from a pro, and a lot of them look like Polaroids but they all serve a point.

We all have cameras with us, so if you’re looking to better your photography, even if it’s just with the camera you have attached to your phone, then just on the fact that you can take decent enough photos with your phone.

with the multiple apps that you can find in the app store bit of processing/editing to your photos will enhance it and make it as if its a work of a pro.

Visit the Flickr group here.

Arabic version of this post can be found at SaudiMac.net.

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  1. الصورة جدا جميلة وخلابة بصراحة اظهرتم جمال الطبيعة في الاحساء بهذه الصورة الرائعة يعطيكم العافية


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