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2 Mac Software Bundles

Both MacFriendly and MacUpdate are offering a bundle of Mac software for only $49.99 (190 SR). The bundles have been released just in time for the “Holiday Season”. For $49.99 you get the full version of the included software.

The MacUpdate bundle costs $49.99 and ends on December 21st 2009. It includes the following:


Path Finder (excellent Finder alternative)
Socialite (connect to multiple social services)
Yep (document organizer)
Radio Gaga (internet radio recorder)
GarageSale (ebay auction tool)
DragThing (application launcher)
Speed Download (download manager)
HealthNut (track what you eat)
PCalc (scientific calculator)
Machinarium (puzzle/adventure game)
iRip (copy songs from the iPod to your Mac)

Total value of the bundle is $446.77 (1,860 SR). The first 10,000 people to buy the bundle will also get the following:
PowerTunes (manages multiple iTunes libraries)
Holiday DVD Templates
FlagIt! (adds multi-colored flags to Apple’s Mail client)

The MacFriendly Bundle also costs $49.99 and ends on December 29th 2009. The bundle includes the following applications:


Invoice 3 (finance application)
Flash Decompiler Trillix
Icon Commander (creates Mac icons from images)
Amnesia (application uninstaller)
WaterThumber (generate multiple thumbnails and other image processes)
MacPilot (access hidden features in the Mac)
Singlemizer (duplicate file scanner)
Emailchemy (email management)
ForeverSave (backup application)
iTasksX (project management, compatible with Microsoft Project – locked until they sell over 750 bundles)

This bundle should save up to %85 of the full price of these applications.

Via: Macworld.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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