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Riyadh Mac users Iftar 2009 vote for date

This year we will have a Ramadan Iftar event for Mac users in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It used to be called iEftar but it’s simpler to change the name back to Iftar.


We need to decide on a day so here are the options, please reply with your choice. The date will be announced Friday September 4th.

Sunday September 6th Ramadan 16th.

Monday September 7th Ramadan 17th.

Tuesday September 8th Ramadan 18th.

Wednesday September 9th Ramadan 19th.

Thursday September 10th Ramadan 20th.

Make sure to vote here:

This will be a sponsored event. Image from Wikipedia.

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  1. You have a typing mistake in your article which will confuse the people while voting. Saturday is 5th of September…

  2. The picture you put doesn’t help AT ALL. Specially at 6:37AM in Ramadhan 😛

    I hope I could make it to the event though ..

  3. Ramadan kareem to all Apple fans in Saudi Arabia! EmiratesMac will gather tomorrow for iftar, will try to share some photos from our gathering.

  4. damn, i wish i could make it, but im in Jeddah 🙁 have fun guys, and do share pics!


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