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Mobily prepaid/postpaid iPhone 3G data & MMS settings

mobily-iphone-raffahWe are always happy to help iPhone owners, unlike Mobily who doesn’t seem to know how to handle the iPhone 3G. Here are the iPhone 3G data & MMS settings for a prepaid Mobily number:

Access Point Name (APN): web2
MMS settings:
APN: mms2
Username: blank
Password: blank
MMS Proxy:

As for postpaid Mobily numbers, the settings are:

Access Point Name (APN): web1
MMS settings:
APN: mms1
Username: blank
Password: blank
MMS Proxy:

To edit these settings on your iPhone: go to Settings, General, Network, Cellular Data Network. Enter the settings mentioned earlier. Exit the menu and you should be done.

Special thanks to Mikko who posted the settings here. Image from Bandar Raffah’s site.

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  1. thats very useful, thanks!

  2. Thanx it was realy helpfull, unlike mobily when I called, they know nothing, and he was telling me you need to purchase apps from the store so you will be able to send/ recieve MMS, hhhhh

  3. i copied these settings as they were…… i tried sending an mms but it comes mms sending failure … where have i gone wrong????

  4. I finally configured mms for stc on my iphone.. here is how:
    settings>General>Network> Cellular data Network>
    APN mms.net.sa
    MMSC http://mms.net.sa:8002/
    MMS Proxy
    Then yu have to restart ur iphone
    Good luck

  5. Ok so here is the issue.

    I can’t send any SMS or MMS, it keeps telling me failed. I followed the instructions to the letter, but no luck.

    Any ideas?

    • I suggest you contact Mobily and ask them. keep us updated 🙂

    • Well, I called them and they asked me to go to the store and have the phone fixed there. When i did, the agents in the store refused to help me because My iPhone is AT&T bought and not Mobily.

      However, i did fix the issue in a weird way, i can only send a text message to people who already sent me atleast one text. weird but thats how i go it to work.

      Also, to this date i am unable to send MMS. 

      BTW mobily costumer support is by far the worst i have ever seen in my life. 

  6. I have iphone 3gs from at&t. I want it to work in Saudi could you please guide me where i can use it.

  7. Tethering function disabled when i updated to iphone 3.1
    3.1 does not allow tethering even if you install the mobile config file!
    Now what??

  8. they say tethering is NOT supported….also asked them about what prefix to use before smses so we can receive a delivery report and they say NOT SUPPORTED>>>

  9. i tried using *N# before the actual sms text and it works on Mobily as well ! 
    it sends u a reply with the delivery report!
    now question…does this cost?
    im on postpaid so i cant say…someone on prepaid pls try…
    send a sms like this for example:
    *N# whats up

    • Mobily relies on customers to fix their problems. thanks for posting the tip about *N#
      and yes it costs money per report, I am not sure how much.

      Call them again, ask them again how to enable report 😉 don’t tell them the solution 😉

  10. Hello… thanks for the settings, but i am still unable to send MMSs. I have a jailbroken AT&T iphone 3GS and a mobily postpaid SIM; any help would be appreciated.

  11. hi mr. Khaled..aa
    greetings to you man, i have iphone 3g-jailbroken and updated to firmware 3.1.2 under the carrier of mobily prepaid bundle..do you have any ideas regarding my problem,, i set my cellular data network to prepaid settings as instruction above and tried to restart even reboot my device, then now, when i tried to browse again at safari this message pop-up “Could not activate cellular data network- PDP authentication failure”…is there another settings again that i need to reconfigured? because to tell you honestly its a waste of time going to mobily tech-support people– half of them doesn’t know anything and just tell you useless information..
    more power to you man!!hope you could find time at my problem..

  12. i have a NO SERVICE issue with my iphone 3g ..firmware 3.0…modem 4.26.08…my carrier is mobily.

  13. how do set mms in e71 nokia

  14. Wait a minute.. above you said: “Access Point Name (APN): web2” and then “APN: mms2”. How it would have two different APN? Hope I didn’t bother anyone..

  15. Well, I thought that the APN for 3G is:
    “wap1” (for postpaid) or “wap2” (for prepaid).
    Anyway thank you for your quick responce. You should operate the so-called customer service 1100

  16. I buy mobily prepaid internet card for my laptop from mobily center,1G 100 per month,but it only works for 2 weeks,and they say for 1st month its free but doesnt work already after 2 wks.,wat the problem of my mobily prepaid card?please response me as soon as posible

  17. Hello Khaled. Im on mobily prepaid and I cant send MMS using the settings stated above – always message sending failed; i even tried restarting my iPhone but the same results.Could the number I am sending the MMS to matter? Im sending it to an international number. What do you think is the problem? Please advise.

  18. I bought a hspa+ usb modem hoping it will connect to the mobily 21mbps network, but it is also connecting to the hsdpa network which is only 7.2 mpbs, is there another apn for this connection to work? regards.

    • I don’t think there’s any other APN, It depends on the network ..
      If you don’t have an HSPA+ network in your range you won’t have the legendary 21mbps speed 🙂

  19. Greetings Khaled,
    So as I understand it the prepaid mobily simcard enables internet tethering, right? Is there a settings adjustment needed to be done at the Network>Cellular Data iPhone settings?

    Much appreciated


  20. Thanks very much guys. The Mobily shop told me to call 1100 which didn’t work. The settings got rejected or something. It seems like none of the options when you call the helpline include talking to an actual human. Some of them don’t even work. Thank goodness for sites like this.

  21. I have a mobily I Connect usb modem, it is working fine but after one month always DIAL FAILED PLEASE TRY AGAIN What will be the problem please help

  22. how to set access point for mobily 3g on htc / google nexus one phone

  23. Dear All, How to configure APN of Ipad for Mobily-KSA

  24. Is there anyway to “save” these settings when changing between Mobily and STC sim cards?


  26. I just bought a brand new Motorola Milestone XT720. I already followed all the instructions about setting up the GPRS using a prepaid credit from Mobily and I also did some troubleshooting. Apparently, I still can’t browse the internet but it’s just giving me the loading status bar and it’s keeping me sooooo long to wait for a website to load. This is really frustrating. Can anyone please help me??? I’m actually hopeless with this one.

  27. i bought a mobily(hala international) sim few hours back. i am unable to send international sms (i didn’t try sending national sms). i even activated the 20halala per sms free add-on service, got a confirmation message too. still it says message sending failed.

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  30. can you help me for the setting of my router? wats the APN for mobily and dial number?


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