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Arab News talks about the iPhone, makes obvious mistakes

Arab News, one of the few English newspapers in Saudi Arabia, has posted an article comparing the iPhone and the Blackberry phones. The article made many mistakes regarding the iPhone. Let’s start with:

iPhone has recently introduced its latest 3GS iPhone“. Yes, the “iPhone” company has released a new phone.


According to Khalid Khalaf, a customer service employee at Axiom Telecom, the official Blackberry and iPhone providers, girls tend to buy the Blackberry phones more than men“. So, Axiom is now an official iPhone provider? Not according to Apple and this page on Axiom’s site lists the phones that they are selling. None of them is an Apple iPhone.

Our sales of Blackberry Curve or Bold and iPhone are high“. Is Axiom actually reselling Mobily iPhones? If not shouldn’t Mobily protect it’s deal with Apple and stop Axiom? Unofficial iPhone sales will only hurt Mobily.

the new 3GS iPhone is expensive, it ranges between SR4,500 to SR5,000 depending on the phones memory capacity,“. These are not the prices of the iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 3GS will be (and should be) sold at the price of the iPhone 3G. So Mobily should release the iPhone 3GS in Saudi Arabia for 2,400SR and 2,800SR. These prices (4,500/5,000SR) are based on how greedy the resellers are.

The rest of the article interviews some people and ask them what do they prefer, iPhone or Blackberry.

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  1. how lame, seeing that people actually get paid for not doing any research at all…if the 3GS is between Sr.4500 to Sr.5000, i would definitely not buy it :/

  2. Listen, it’s obviosuly the writer of the artical, has no idea about iphone. He should have got more background about iphone. He only got the gossip about them from people and I’m sure he didn’t even ask the emplyee at Axiom cuz as you have said, they are not the official provider, and they don’t sell iPhone.

    Arab news, you are busted!!!

  3. Yeah, me either. Never seen or heard they sell iPhones. You see, that proves that it’s all nonsense gossips.

  4. mobily where is your to iphone3GS???Been waiting for your website to be updated but up to now no good???what is happening???

    • Forget about iPhone 3G S I am currently using it in the UK and believe me its just the speed and you only need speed if you doing some multi tasking work except games or music.

      you can do multi tasking on this phone.

      I have recently upgrade my handset to HTC hero which runs Google Android and the User interface is same as iPhone and even better you can customize your handset without jailbreaking and so much nice stuff which apple does not allow to iphone owners after paying so much money we still on mercy of apple to allow what we can do or not..

      if you pay for something mean you do what ever you feel like to do not other way round.


      cut long story shirt i have iphone 3gs and HTC hero and i say i can do much stuff on htc hero where i cant on iphone as iphone does not allow multi tasking ie if you have one application open u have to close the 1st one to open 2nd one and so forth. only one multi tasking allowed on iphone is you can listen only a iPod while doing anything with phone.

      with HTC hero exactly the same stuff as iphone pinch in and out your pictures swipe home screen i said much better the iPhone OS. check on you tube video and try something new..

      I am so much bored with iPhone just bunch of icons on the home screen and you can only use one at a time.

      anyway here is the HTC hero android OS UI video

      Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5F0Ruzwos8
      Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xMUEhFBJ8g&feature=channel
      Part3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa1zvj5YDy4&feature=channel

      Video was made by somebody in US I will also upload a video if needed.

      anyway ENJOY!

    • thanks for the heads up dude and i really respect your opinion but i really want iphone for as you may notice im an apple fanatic regardless of the limitations im obviously aware of! cheers 😉

  5. Yeah, where is the Iphone 3GS? I thought it wud be out on the 9th of August. Atleast they should announce the release date on their site.

    • i know, its not fair, but some people saw it at axiom but it was pretty expensive the 16GB was 4,500 SR and th 32GB Was 5,000 But, MOBILY COME’ON they should give a reasonable price unlike axiom!

    • Mobily “should” and “supposed to” sell the iPhone 3GS at the SAME price as the current iPhone 3G.
      That’s Apple’s way of doing things

  6. when is the iphone 3gs gonna come out?

  7. well first of all i want to say that axiom telecome do sell iphones , i went there on june and they were selling iphone 3g ,
    i called i techia today and their prices were 4ooo for the 16 GB and 5000 for the 32 GB , tha is sooooooooo redicilous i am not gonna pay that much for a phone that i might upgrade to a newer one in a year or two years ! it is not that pricy in Canada or USA , i really wanted to get the iphone 3gs but now i am tottaly mad, mobily should and must sell them at the same prices around the world and not use us as a money machine , coz it is really really redicilous to but the phoe for that price, yes i am all about mac from the macbook to the iphone but not with those prices buddy !

  8. well, they can make profit in a reasonable way , i mean 2000 SR more than the usual price is way too much! thanx for your reply.

    • only in Saudi Arabia :p
      remember the PS3 when it first arrived here?
      Computer House was selling it for over 6000SR because there are idiots with too much money who bought it

  9. yeah only in Saudi Arabia ! i remeber PS3 when it first arrived , my dad bought it for my little brothers for UAE for 3900 SR lol glad that the didn’t get it from here 😛 the problem here is that the ppl are not aware that the prices that they are getting their stuff at are sooo beyond overpriced ! it is like they are taking everything and doubling it’s price when they are selling it , are they taking us for idiots?

  10. Sometimes it is SO difficult to know what’s going on in the middle east! Since I have family there I’m always eager to hear the arab news !


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