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iPhone 3G screen is yellow by design

There are many people complaining that the iPhone 3G’s screen is yellow (Arabic forum post, and another example on how bad Mobily employees are handling the iPhone 3G!). Looking back at July 2008 news when the iPhone 3G was first released we find the following article:

To set the record straight, I talked to Apple’s senior director of iPhone product marketing, Bob Borchers. Borchers indicated that this definitely isn’t a bug or a display defect. Yes, the display on the iPhone 3G has a warmer look—and that’s by design. The previous iPhone’s white was more of a cool blue (Borchers likened it to harsh fluorescent lighting), while this one’s is warmer and more of a sunny yellow.
(According to the legwork done by Richard Baguley, the new iPhone’s color temperature is between 6800 and 7300 Kelvins, compared with a color temperature of about 8300K on the first-generation phone. Baguley’s tests also reinforce something I’ve noticed with my own eyes: at maximum brightnesses, the new iPhone display is brighter than the old one.)
“We moved the white point in order to make [the display feel] more natural,” Borchers said, suggesting that consumers are more likely to appreciate warmer images, especially when viewing photos.

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