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Mobily price plans for iPhone 3G

This post is about the older iPhone 3G, visit this page for price plans for the iPhone 3GS.

Update: We have verified these prices. You will pay the iPhone 3G price plus first month (99SR).
We received a copy of the internal memo sent to the staff of mobily about the business rules and the plans for the iPhone 3G :


iPhone General & Activation Business Rules:

1.There are two iPhone 3G Packages Prepaid & Postpaid with two phone capacities of 8GB and 16GB as follows:

  • iPhone 3G 8GB Postpaid Package 99.
  • iPhone 3G 16GB Postpaid Package 99.
  • iPhone 3G 8GB Prepaid Package.
  • iPhone 3G 16GB Prepaid Package.

2. MNP customers will be entitled for the packages.
3. The monthly free voice will be carried over for three months in the postpaid packages.
4. Minute Price after the utilizing the   free minutes will be 0.30 SR/Minute for Postpaid Package and 0.55 SR/Minute for Prepaid Package. All normal price scheme for Mobily Products & Services will remain the same.
5. No carry over for the prepaid packages benefits.
6. Free minutes & SMS’s can be used by customers to Mobily and all other Networks.
7. Upon activation the customer will pay Device’s price and one monthly fee in advance.
8. Customer will pay the monthly fee for 12 months as contract period.
9. If the customer wish’s to terminate his line or port put during contract period he have to pay additional fees (Attached in the Guarantee Contract)
10. Data Packages will be added automatically on a monthly basis upon subscription.
11. After end of Contract period all iPhone Postpaid subscribers to be migrated by default to Khatty Plus.
12. After end of Contract period all iPhone Prepaid subscribers to be migrated by default to 7ala.
13. The device will not be sold as stand alone for the normal customer; however, it will be sold as stand alone for Mobily employees as special case.

Package Conversion:

  1. Package conversion from iPhone 3G to any other packages is not allowed during the contract period (6 months for the prepaid and 12 months for the postpaid).
  2. Package migration from normal packages to iPhone 3G is allowed.
  3. The existing RAQI subscribers will lose RAQI and VIP status upon migrating to iPhone 3G package. Moreover, the credit limit will be same as normal subscribers.
  4. The existing prepaid subscribers can migrate to iPhone 3G Prepaid or iPhone 3G Postpaid.

Based on the above it’s cheaper to get the unlocked version from the market and use it on any carrer for extra 300 SR. the only good thing about this is that you pay for the device in installments for 12 months.
UAE’s Etisalat is offering a better deal with a fully subsidized iPhone 3G at 0 AED and 500 to 2000MB data packages!

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  1. So what is it?

    Device price has to be paid in full upfront or in installments also.

  2. I believe the prices are exaggerated and the plans suck! There is not one good reason to buy from Mobily when you can buy an officially unlocked version for much less!!!

  3. do we have to pay the full amount cash or can we pay in installments?

  4. Sam Ryder: You pay for the device plus the first month.

  5. These prices suck so bad, I wanted to get this cellphone but it seems Mobily is charging too much. Sucks for Saudi people

  6. it sucks it is too much expensive to buy from mobily

  7. mobily is a rip-off company which needs 2 be closed skrew u mobilY!!!!!!!!!!

  8. when a mobile network company makes offers for cell phone packages, the phone prices should be lower than market price not higher………only an idiot would buy with such rates…

    • @LAITH the most expensive 8GB iPhone 3G sold by Mobily cost 2400SR which is cheaper than what most stores sell in the “black market” of unlocked iPhone 3G. At least Mobily have a warranty and hopefully they will honor it.

  9. Check the lowest prices of i phone http://www.elerush.com and compare

  10. The table says that monthly fees are not applicable to the Prepaid [16gb] package. Does that mean I don’t have to pay any monthly fees?
    Just confirming.

    Uhm. Here’s another question:
    What’s a package that’s on there that doesn’t require me to pay any monthly fees?
    Because you know, if I buy an iPhone, I want to pay everything at ONCE, which means I don’t want any additional bills to pay in the future.

    ..and another question:
    What’s a Contract Period?
    It says six months on there.

  11. I found the answers for the first two questions.

    Please help me with the third one. :]

  12. http://www.elerush.com is a scam. Don’t buy from there. You not get anything, nor your money will be returned.

  13. there is a new iphone app called wudhu’. this app teach us the way to perform
    our wudhu’ before salat. its good for your kids because it is fully
    animated. get it at app store now.!
    hope to see your review in the apple store. tq.
    support our muslim products.


  14. i wanna kno wat r d current prices for i phone 3g n i phone 3gs Unlocked…i want to buy the phone but wont b usin it in saudi…

  15. Hello, I am I Phone seller NO FAKE! I am based in germany and I am searching good customers I sell the I Phones 3GS 32GB! If someone need some for his shop or other else so please contact me.! I guarantee you good products you will see.

    My email is akhabbach-yassine@web.de

  16. hi…i want to have one an iphone 3g with mobily but cant afford to have it in cash…is theres installment basis to work for a guy like me?

  17. النوكيا لا يعلو عليها a7a

  18. hello i am Iranian do you think i can buy an iphone 3GS or 4 from there without paying monthly fee??
    i mean with that low prepayments !?

    i mean to buy an iphone 3GS or 4 from there with a low prepayment and return to iran without paying monthly fee ??
    anybody knows ??

  19. Khaled do you know ?

  20. Oh… thank you very much Waiel so you mean they won’t ask me for identification card or any thing proves that one lives in Saudi Arabia ?

  21. yes i know i can buy the prepaid plan i mean postpaid plan as its tariff’s are cheaper! well… can i?
    no need identification card?

  22. I read a great deal of blogs lately and yours is 1 from the best. I enjoy reading your posts – clear and effectively written. Your web page goes straight to my bookmarks. I bought some good inspirational thoughts after reading it.

  23. hi.. are overseas texting and calling included in the free messages and minutes of every package? please respond ASAP.. thnx. 🙂


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