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Leopard Launch Event in UAE, nothing for Saudi

According to t-break, the Virgin Megastore will host the Official Leopard Launch Event in the UAE on the 28th of October. No news about any similar event in Saudi Arabia until now.

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iPhone stories (and review) in Saudi Arabia

This is my friend’s “iPhone Story”. Meet Mr. Ahmed Zahlan, he wrote me his Apple Story a few days after he got and -ehm- unlocked his iPhone to work with STC‘s network here in Saudi Arabia. He is also a Windows user but (Apple, are you reading this?) expressed interest in buying an Apple laptop. Feel free to submit your ...

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Leopard OSX GM Leaked

The final Release of Mac OX Leopard is leaked on torrent before the official release on 26th Oct. The torrent community are sharing it and it’s building a lot for seeders / leeches . ( took me 8 horus to download it ). There was around 300 seeders and over 2000 leeches. Currently i have downloaded it and burning it ...

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SaudiMac in your iPhone

I have just installed ContentRobot’s iWPhone theme and plugin for the WordPress blog. Now you can enjoy SaudiMac.com in your iPhone!

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Flock 1.0 beta now available

Flock Release Candidate 3 beta is now available, I guess I will give it a try now. The browser includes a blog editing client, a “web clipboard” that lets you drag and drop images, text and URLs into your sidebar for handy access on other sites, and a media bar for finding YouTube and other videos. You can visit their ...

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