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Leopard after 24 Hours

Well after getting a good sleep and waking up to explore the new mac OSX let me point out the great features in Leopard. The New Finder (Quick View): The great way to view your files which also introduced Quick View in . without opening the document you can browse the document content or video or image especially in Cover ...

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My Experience with Leopard

Well after installing the software let me just say .. WOW apple you really did it .. I installed the new OS on my laptop ( since i was going to format it anyway). and here is my experience with it :

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iPhone stories (and review) in Saudi Arabia

This is my friend’s “iPhone Story”. Meet Mr. Ahmed Zahlan, he wrote me his Apple Story a few days after he got and -ehm- unlocked his iPhone to work with STC‘s network here in Saudi Arabia. He is also a Windows user but (Apple, are you reading this?) expressed interest in buying an Apple laptop. Feel free to submit your ...

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