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3999SR MacBook in Saudi Arabia

Itechia announced that they are selling a MacBook white for 3999 Saudi Riyals. A decent introductory price for anyone interested in buying a Mac. The MacBook white comes with a 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, 120GB and it is the last MacBook with a FireWire 400 and a Mini DVI port!

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App Store deals of the week

Many good deals on the iTunes App Store for popular iPhone/iPod Touch applications. The deals are: Trism (was $4.99 now $2.99) Band (was $5.99 now $1.99) Pianist (was $5.99 now $1.99) Guitarist (was $5.99 now $2.99) Via TUAW.

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Cheapest MacBook Air in Saudi Arabia

It just came to my attention that Jarir Bookstore (not just a bookstore, that’s their slogan… no kidding). Is offering a promotion on MacBook Air. A promotion ending on the 6th of May 2008, a base spec MacBook Air for only 7690SAR which is a good price considering that the cost of a US MacBook Air (without shipping is approximately ...

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A new bundle from MacUpdate

MacUpdate is offering a new bundle for the month of April for $64.99. Which mainly includes Parallels Desktop 3.0 (a $79.99 value application) which will be “unlocked” hopefully soon. Also in the bundle: •Hazel, a folder organizer. •Art Text, logo, icon and button maker. •MenuCalendarClock, iCal access from the menu. •Leap, SpotLight interface. •StoryMill, novel writing software. •Typinator, types repeating ...

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Macbook and Macbook Pro clearance sales

To make room for the newer Macbook and Macbook Pro models, a clearance sale in all the Mac stores in Saudi Arabia on all Macbook and Macbook Pros, which is not bad considering the small performance difference between them and the newer models. Those offers are: Macbook Pro 15″ 2.2GHz, 2GB, 120GB: 6999SR from 7649SR Macbook Pro 15″ 2.4GHz, 2GB, ...

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MacHeist 2 bundle

For only $50 (less with bonus discounts if you complete missions) you can buy a bundle of useful software from MacHeist. Here is a list of the applications: SpeedDownload (been using it for a long time, my favorite and worth getting with the bundle!) ChaChing 1Password Awaken iStopMotion CoverSutra TaskPaper AppZapper CSSedit Snapz Pro if targets reached Pixelmator if targets ...

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