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Asking the readers: How to recharge the 3G sim from mobily on iPad?

I bought a prepaid 3G sim with 1GB data package from mobily for my 64 Gig 3G ipad. However I am not sure how to recharge it. As a test I bought a 10 riyal recharge card to check if I can recharge the 3G sim on my iPad. I am bit confused as; 1. To recharge the way mobily ...

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Mobily Micro SIM 3G

Mobily has released their Micro SIM card. The following is an advertisement for it in a local newspaper. Translation: Mobily “Micro SIM 3G” has arrived. For the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Technology age has started. Now all customers and for the first time in the Kingdom to get a Micro SIM 3G card to access ...

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Mobily to introduce iPad 3G compatible Micro SIM card tomorrow

Sources has confirmed that tomorrow, Saturday May 15th 2010, Mobily will introduce Micro SIM cards compatible with Apple’s iPad 3G in Saudi Arabia. The card will most likely be similar to the cards provided by UAE’s Etisalat that are compatible with both normal phones and Micro SIM devices. Mobily said that they will be officially providing the iPad 3G in ...

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