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MacHeist nanobundle: 7 apps for $20

MacHeist has announced their latest bundle: The MacHeist nanoBundle 2. It includes 7 Mac OS X apps priced at $260. The bundle cost only $19.95. Apps included are: MacJournal – original price $39.95: writing application. RipIt – original price $19.95: DVD ripping app. Clips – original price $27: clipboard manager. CoverScout – original price $39.95: iTunes album art retriever. Flow ...

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Delicious Library 2 free with MacHeist 3

The MacHeist just got even better, when you purchase the MacHeist 3 bundle you can follow these steps to receive the following applications for free: Delicious Library 2 and Multiwinia by Ambrosia. Both totaling $59 and you will need a Twitter account.

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MacHeist 3 Bundle

MacHeist is offering their third Mac software bundle. The bundle cost $39 and includes up to 12 applications currently valued at $558. The applications are: Picturesque: image editor. PhoneView: iPhone/iPod touch tool. LittleSnapper: image organizer. Acorn: photo editor. Kinemac: 3D animator. World of Goo: game. iSale: eBay software. SousChef: Cooking recipe organizer. Big Bang Board Games: for the first 25,000 ...

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MacHeist 2 bundle

For only $50 (less with bonus discounts if you complete missions) you can buy a bundle of useful software from MacHeist. Here is a list of the applications: SpeedDownload (been using it for a long time, my favorite and worth getting with the bundle!) ChaChing 1Password Awaken iStopMotion CoverSutra TaskPaper AppZapper CSSedit Snapz Pro if targets reached Pixelmator if targets ...

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