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“Reserve” an iPhone 4S from Jarir Book Store

Jarir Book Store shows up the iPhone 4S “Reserve” tag on their website and Facebook Page. Internationally it’s pre order but here its to reserve. The prices are of course a lot higher than the international prices. You can reserve your iPhone 4S in black or white from the Facebook fan page and the prices for the iPhone 4S are ...

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Jarir Bookstore selling overpriced iPhone 4

Jarir “Bookstore” has announced the availablity of the iPhone 4 in their showrooms at limited quantities. It comes with a free car charger that you have to ask for. Jarir did not include prices so I had to go and see it with my own eyes. The prices are 5,499SR for iPhone 4 with 32GB storage and 4,599SR for the ...

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Why you should not buy an iPhone from Jarir and others

The iPhone 3GS has launched in Saudi Arabia last November by Mobily but that did not stop gray market iPhones from being sold in the market and at a higher price from the official iPhone distributor. I have noticed that Jarir Bookstore (honestly, where are the books?) have started selling the iPhone 3GS in Saudi Arabia. The iPhone 3GS 16GB ...

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February 2009 iPod prices in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah at WiiPod (an Arabic site about Wii and iPods) has done a comparison of iPod prices between Saudi Arabia (using Jarir Book Store) and Amazon.com. All the iPods that he compared are the latest generation except the iPod Classic 120GB (the last generation 160GB/80GB iPod Classic are listed). I have provided an additional view on the price difference percentage ...

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Cheapest MacBook Air in Saudi Arabia

It just came to my attention that Jarir Bookstore (not just a bookstore, that’s their slogan… no kidding). Is offering a promotion on MacBook Air. A promotion ending on the 6th of May 2008, a base spec MacBook Air for only 7690SAR which is a good price considering that the cost of a US MacBook Air (without shipping is approximately ...

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